by Wendy Copley on January 12, 2008

We are having a beautiful day here today. After weeks of rain storms, the sun is shining and it’s in the 50’s. I think this is the first time the pavement has been dry since we got back from Iowa. You can probably imagine how torturous ten solid days of rain are for a three-year-old. Wyatt doesn’t do very well on days when he doesn’t go out to play. So as soon as we figured out the weather was going to be nice today we stepped out the door. Wyatt got a new bottle of bubbles as a potty training prize and he’s been itching to play with them, so we broke those open.


He likes to catch the bubbles on the wand and then pop them with his finger.


After we played with the normal bubble wand for a while, I got inspired to try some fancier bubble techniques. I went to the kitchen and gathered some supplies: a pie plate, a couple of holey spatulas and a plastic sieve (normally used as a sand toy). We poured the bubble juice into the pie plate and then dunked each of the objects in the bubble juice and started blowing.

The snowflake spatula was cool because it made big bubbles that clung together and lots of little bubbles too.


The sieve was awesome because it made giant clumpy bubbles like this one:


This was a fun experiment for both of us. We’ll definitely try this again. Next time, I think I’ll get Wyatt in on it a little more and see if he can come up with ideas for objects to dip in the liquid.

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