Photoshop is fun

by Wendy Copley on December 7, 2007

I had to give a big presentation in front of my entire company today, complete with a Power Point slide show. The topic I was discussing was how we are planning to meet our goal of doubling our site conversion rate.

Total yawn fest.

My strategy for keeping people interested was to put as many amusing photos into the Power Point as I could  fit. I actually managed to get something funny on almost every slide. Most of the photos were of the people in my department making funny faces and those were a big hit. I also had a slide about 1996 (not worth explaining why) so I put a bunch of photos from 1996 on it, including these two of Jennifer Aniston and myself.


Th following slide was this one here that I photoshopped.

I figure that since I went to the trouble of making it, I may as well put it up on my blog for the entire internet to see.

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