Not the best birthday ever….

by Wendy Copley on September 14, 2007

I’m thirty-five years old today. I suppose this is one of those birthdays where I should feel something about my age — reflective over what I have and haven’t accomplished, thinking about where I want to be headed and all that — but mostly I just want this freaking crappy day to be over.

I woke up this morning with a sore, aching throat and big white spots all over my tonsils. The pain in my throat was bad enough, but what made it all the harder was the darkness of the hour. Wyatt has been waking up at the ghastly hour of 6:30 am lately (more on that another time) and today he was a little earlier than usual. Mercifully, Zach got up with him and they let me sleep until 11:30, but by then my throat hurt so much I had to call Kaiser to get an appointment.

We headed in to the doctor and he took a strep culture and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics but told me I wasn’t allowed to take them until the lab results came back showing I actually did have strep. I could tell that he didn’t believe I have strep, but I know I do. I’ve had strep at least once a year for the last three decades. I get strep more often than some people get colds. I think I know strep when I see it.

Meanwhile, Wyatt has been a total pill, throwing one tantrum after another all day. Hitting, kicking, pinching, biting, running away, throwing toys at us. He scratched the hell out of one of our walls with something too and the only thing that’s going to fix it is a new coat of paint. A lovely development when it’s time to renew our lease…

On the bright side, Zach brought me some beautiful cupcakes!


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