September Daily: Reading List

by Wendy Copley on September 8, 2007

This is my pile of books to read. I keep it next to my bed. There are a few others in the queue scattered around the house, but I’m too afraid to put them on the pile because I have a very real fear that it will fall down on me as it is.

Reading List

The Sarah Vowell up front is the one I’m currently reading. Zach had pulled it out to read, but I accidentally started it before he had a chance. (He had another one he was thinking about, so it wasn’t too terrible of me.)  Other books in the list are a couple of Ayelet Waldman Mommytrack mysteries, a Jasper Fforde book about a woman who can go inside the stories in books, a probably depressing but hopefully good Joan Didion book, a book about discipline and some other random stuff.

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