by Wendy Copley on August 7, 2007

I went to Brushstrokes tonight with some women I work with. Brushstrokes is one of those places where you pick out a piece of unglazed pottery and then paint it. I painted a bowl blue and put darker blue swirls all over it. I’ll be sure to post some pictures when I get it back next week. It was great to sit around chatting with the ladies while working on a crafty project. Usually when I’m doing my creative activities I’m all alone and I forgot how fun it can be to see what everyone else is doing and get ideas from them.

After our painting adventure, Cris, Ellen, Asia and I hit T-Rex BBQ for some ribs and cornbread. These are the same people who I sometimes play games with at lunch-time. For a long time we played Blockus, but lately we’ve been playing a lot of Boggle and Rummikube. We’re thinking about doing a standing dinner night every month now, and I hope we get it together to make that happen.

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