by Wendy Copley on May 26, 2007


Journaling reads:

We’ve got a lot of pictures of Wyatt looking happy and calm, having fun, learning something new. But we don’t have many pictures like this. One’s where he’s angry or sad or miserable. And the fact is, when you’re a little guy you spend a great deal of time angry, sad, miserable and frustrated. Maybe that’s not how he feels most of the time (I certainly hope not!) but it definitely adds up. Part of the reason we don’t have these photos of course, is because when he starts crying our last instinct is to grab the camera and get a few photos. But another reason is that these aren’t the memories I look back on and relish. It’s hard when Wyatt cries. It’s hard when he throws a tantrum. Hard on him and hard on us. We don’t like to see him sad and hurting or so angry he can’t do anything but scream and flail. As a parent you want to smooth everything over and make life easier for your kid, but we’re learning early on that sometimes there’s just nothing we can do. Sometimes your kid is just going to be miserable….

In these photos, he wasn’t crying for any real reason. There were taken on a day when he was sick and nothing was going his way. A few minutes earlier, he’d gotten a bucket stuck on this head, but that trauma had passed by the time these tears came along. And just for the record — I already had the camera focused on him when he started in.

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