Cinnamon Toast

by Wendy Copley on May 18, 2007

Cinnamon Toast

Mmmmmmm…I have recently rediscovered the joy of cinnamon toast.

When we were kids Lance was a cinnamon toast fiend. I remember him going through long stretches where he would eat it for an afternoon snack every day after school. He would carefully mix together his secret proportions of cinnamon and sugar in the little green bowl and then sprinkle it in a thick, even layer across his hot, buttered toast. He always sprinkled it over the edges of the toast and onto the paper towel below and then he would pour the sugar back into the bowl. I was never as into it as he was, but because he liked it, I ended up eating a lot of it too.

The other day, Wyatt was sniffing the spices and he wanted to eat a big spoonful of the cinnamon. I obviously wasn’t going to let him do that, so instead I suggested a piece of cinnamon toast. After an internet search for the proper proportions to use, Zach made up a big batch of cinnamon sugar. (It ended up being a little light on the cinnamon for my taste — probably Lance’s influence again.) We made Wyatt the toast and, of course, as soon as it was done he decided he didn’t want it, so we found ourselves in the odd position of trying to convince our kid to eat sugar bread. At one point, I actually said, “Wyatt — it’s like candy bread!!” Sometimes, you do weird things when you’re a parent.

Of course, once he tried it, he loved it so today I made him another piece for breakfast. One for me too.

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