Lucky Me

by Wendy Copley on May 12, 2007


The woman who lived in our house before us was an avid gardener and we have around a dozen large rose bushes in our backyard. Last year we didn’t really get our act together to care for them properly, but we still managed to get a number of lovely bouquets of flowers from them. This year, Zach and I decided that we didn’t want the death of these decades old, beloved rose bushes on our hands so we got the Sunset Roses book and figured out what we needed to do. After a little pruning and a little rose food, the bushes exploded with flowers. For the past few weeks we’ve been harvesting extravagant bouquets of roses nearly every day. There are too many for our house, so I’ve been taking them to work for my desk and handing them out to my co-workers. I can’t get over the luxury of it all. I wish I could send Molly a thank you note to let her know how much I appreciate and enjoy her fantastic flowers.

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