I’m sweet enough as it is….

by Wendy Copley on March 23, 2007

All right Internet (hi Zach!) — you’re my witness. At lunch today, I decided I’m going to give up sugar for a week. This is going to be monumentally difficult for me because I’m a sugar fiend. This morning I ate a slice of whole wheat toast, a hard-boiled egg and five Girl Scout cookies for breakfast. Do you see what I’m up against?

I’ve decided that my general guideline is going to be, don’t eat anything that’s obviously sugar. That means:

  • no desserts
  • no sugar
  • no honey
  • no juice or pop
  • no jelly, jam or chutney
  • no foods with sugar or corn syrup in the first three ingredients

I’m not going to be super-psychotic about this. Fruit is going to be OK and if a salad dressing or something has some hidden corn syrup in it, I’ll eat it. I’ve also decided that the cereal we usually buy (Puffins and Cheerios) is OK.

I’m anticipating that this is going to be a major struggle, particularly when it comes time for me to make my morning cup of tea. I really like that with sugar.

Wish me luck, Internet — we still have Girl Scout cookies left.

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