Fashion Conscious

by Wendy Copley on March 20, 2007

Today I sent Wyatt off to day care in red sweat pants and a rust-colored sweater. This outfit was his choice. Zach and I both tried to convince him to wear a different colored sweater, but Wyatt was adamant about the rust one so we gave in. My logical mind won this battle, but my emotional mind is still smarting hours later. I know it doesn’t matter. I know he needs to be able to make these choices. I know he needs to assert his independence, but I can’t stand that my little cutie went off to day care clashing so much and here’s the reason why: I know that someone is judging me. They’re thinking, “That kid’s mother doesn’t know that red and rust don’t go together.” But I’m not there, so I can’t even defend myself.

So just for the record Internet: I know that red and rust don’t match.

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