Bento Supplies

Note: This post was originally published in April 2008. The information is a little out of date, but it covers the basics. I’ll be publishing updated information about the supplies I currently use in the coming weeks.

I’ve had a couple of questions about the supplies I use in the bento boxes I pack for myself and for Wyatt, so I thought I’d do a quick post on the various pieces I use.

For my bentos, I use my Mr. Bento. My husband bought it for me for Christmas from Amazon.

Wyatt's bento box

The bento lunch boxes I use for my son’s preschool lunches were purchased at Ichiban Kan. I am lucky to have a store just a few blocks from my house, so I got them there. Unfortunately Ichiban Kan has closed it’s web store so purchases can no longer be made online.

Sillicon Baking Cups

Some of my most used tools are my Wilton silicone baking cups. I got mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon, but you can also find them online very easily. These are great because you can keep wet things away from dry things so crackers, bread, etc. don’t get soggy. They also make a cute, cheerful presentation and they’re great for a kid who doesn’t like it when one kind of food touches another. The bento containers I use are almost exactly the same height as these cups, so as soon as you put the lid on the food is trapped inside of them. They rock.

Cookie Cutters

I use regular cookie cutters from our cupboard to cut Wyatt’s sandwiches out. I’ve been collecting most of these for years and they’re from all over the place. I did buy a set of mini animal-shaped cookie cutters especially for Wyatt’s lunches though. They’re great for cutting cheese, tofu and the smaller pieces of sandwich left-over after I cut the bigger heart or kitty shapes. Cutting food into shapes is flat-out the best way to make a lunch cute.

Miscellaneous Bento stuff

Finally, I’ve been assembling a collection of Japanese bento accessories for the last few months. Some of them are from the Ichiban Kan store by my house and some were sent to me by my friend Lisa in a care package. In the picture above you can see a sample of some of my stuff. The pink thing in the top left is a condiment container complete with a yellow spreader. I use it for butter in my lunches. Wyatt is dying for me to send it full of catsup in his lunch. Below that are some tiny little bottles. They’re intended for soy sauce, but I use them for lemon juice too. Below that are little food picks. Don’t let these go down into your garbage disposal or you’ll be sorry. And the pack on the right side contains anti-bacterial food dividers. You’re probably most used to seeing green ones separating the wasabi from the California rolls in take-out sushi boxes. I think veggie ones are particularly cool, and I find myself saving them for special occasions which I have to admit is totally weird.

  • Trina

    How do you clean out the tiny little bottles?

  • Honestly Trina, I rarely use those little bottles any more, but when I do I clean them like this:
    Squirt any remaining soy sauce or what have you out of the bottle. Get as much out as you can.  Then fill a little dish with hot water. Squeeze the bottle, then — still squeezing it — stick the opening under the water and let it go. Some of the water should be sucked up into the bottle. Shake the hot water around in the bottle and squeeze it out again. Repeat a few times until it seems pretty clean.

  • Kate

    Are the bento boxes and accessories you use BPA-free?

  • Kate

    Are the bento boxes and accessories you use BPA-free?

  • Kate

    Are the bento boxes and accessories you use BPA-free?

  • I know for certain that a few are. Specifically, the Laptop Lunchbox, Easy Lunchbox and Oots Lunchbox are advertised as BPA-free. As for the boxes that come from Japan, I’ve read some sources that say most boxes are BPA-free and others that say they’re not. I’ve never
    been able to get a definitive answer so I think it’s best to use caution
    there. I use them and feel comfortable with the choice, but everyone
    needs to make their own choices for their families.

  • I just found this link that provides a lot of good information: The Japanese bento boxes I use come from the sources she sites.

  • Kate

    Thank you so much!  I’m exploring the world of bento boxes.  I love laptop lunches, but I would like smaller sizes for my 20 month old.  Thanks!  Great site, by the way.

  • what food safe markers do you recommend?

  • Athalia Jane

    Can’t wait for your updated “supplies” list – I’m entering the world of packed lunches as my daughter heads to pre-K. Thanks!

  • The brand I use is called “Foodoodlers” but I’ve heard the Wilton markers are good too.

  • Hi — I just updated my supplies list this morning if you want to take a look: