Bento Box Basics

  • Krismlee

    I was wondering how do you keep the lunches cold?  I am thinking of doing this but worry about food safety.  Is everything going back into insulated bags with ice packs?

  • Emily Davenport

    Can you share your nan recipe? I would LOVE to try this, and a friend loves nan, too!!! 

  • wcopley

     Hi Emily — I usually purchase the naan I put in the kids’ lunches at Trader Joes, but coincidentally I just tried making my own naan last weekend for the first time. I used this recipe: It was extremely easy for a yeast bread recipe and I’m hoping to make it at least weekly. I’ll have to make it in big batches though because we ate it all 20 minutes after it was finished!

  • Emily Davenport

    Thanks soooo much! :)

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