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I occasionally write sponsored posts for companies. While I’m compensated to write these posts and I’m usually given a topic for the post, please be assured that I always speak honestly and write about my own experiences. I won’t accept sponsored posts that require me to write about topics I wouldn’t naturally post about on my blog. I also clearly label all sponsored posts as such.


Hosting giveaways can take a fair amount of my time, but I like to do them because they’re a way of showing Wendolonia readers how much I appreciate that they visit my site. I really do love the community here! There are three basic scenarios when I do a giveaway:

  1. I purchase the items with my own money, pay to mail them out to the winner myself, and receive no payment.
  2. A manufacturer provides the giveaway items, one of us pays to ship it to the winner, and I receive a similar item for review or as compensation (sometimes not though).
  3. A manufacturer provides the giveaway items, the manufacturer ships it to the winner, I am paid for hosting the giveaway.

Once again, I will always disclose whether I received a product and/or money when I host giveaways.


I do not accept payment for product reviews. I will occasionally accept products from manufacturers so I can try them out, but I always write my honest opinions when I do this. (Once I wrote a review that used the word “yucky” as the primary word to describe the product. True story!) Sometimes when I post a review, I am paid to host a giveaway of the product as well. Please be assured that when this happens, I still write honestly about the product (Seriously, you should check out the “yucky” post) and I always disclose that I have received compensation.

But Usually…

But usually, I’m not paid to write or post anything on Wendolonia. Making some money from my blog is a nice bonus and it helps pay my family’s bills, but the truth is I would still have a blog even if I didn’t make a dime from it. I like writing, I like taking pictures and I like sharing my adventures with you, my readers!

  • Kristin Maynard

    Hi Wendy, 
    I just wanted to let you know that I cited and linked to your site on a recent post on my blog, themaynardsgetreal.wordpress.com. Your bento ideas are lovely, and I had to share them with my (few) readers. I hope that’s okay!Thanks for the inspiration!Kristin

  • Natasha

    Wow!  What a really great site.  Thank you for sharing.  I’m inspired!  =)

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  • Maggie Danhakl


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    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Warm Regards,

    Maggie Danhakl- Assistant Marketing Manager

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  • Laura

    Hi Wendy, this is my first time to check out your site…it’s very inspiring! I’m looking to try bento boxes for the first time for my kids lunches. I think the Lunchbots might work best for our family. I have a 13yo, 11yo, 8yo and 5yo to pack lunches for…we’re big on sandwiches. Would you recommend the Lunchbots Trio or the bigger Lunchbots Bento Trio? Thanks!!

  • Hi Laura — A sandwich will not fit easily in the Lunchbots Trio so if you are frequent sandwich eaters I’d choose something else. I have not tried the Lunchbots Bento Trio myself, but it should easily hold a sandwich in the largest section.