Take a Lunch Making Break with Revolution Foods Jet Packs

by Wendy Copley on February 24, 2016

Take a lunch-making break with Revolution Foods Jet Packs

Thank you to Revolution Foods for sponsoring this post. Read on for a giveaway to help you take your own lunch making break!

I’ve been packing lunches for one or both of my kids for eight years now. EIGHT YEARS.

How many years? Eight.

That’s a lot of lunches, man. Thousands in fact. Over all, it’s one of the daily tasks I most enjoy. I like coming up with new ideas for things to put in my boys’ lunch boxes, choosing nutritious foods for them and making their lunches fun.

…Except when I don’t. Like the mornings when I wake up late. Or the mornings when a trip to the grocery store is way overdue. Or the mornings when the bickering is out of control and all of my attention is focused on getting shoes on feet and homework in backpacks before someone is crying. (That someone might be me, for the record.) On those mornings I just want a break from the lunch thing. School lunch is an option, but it’s a last resort. We are not in a school district that makes beautiful organic lunches from vegetables the children have grown by hand. Not even close.

Take a lunch-making break with Revolution Foods Jet Packs

On those crazy mornings, I’d like something really easy to put in a lunch bag. I’d also like something my kids are excited to eat and that I’m comfortable giving them. Revolution Foods’ Jet Packs hit all those criteria. They feature the familiar meat, cheese, cracker and treat combos (and a third popcorn chicken and pretzel combo that my kids went nuts over) that you find in most lunch packs but without all the other yucky stuff that show up in the other kits. Their meat is raised with no antibiotics, the cheese is actual cheese and there are no artificial flavors or preservatives in any of the foods. Basically, these are the sorts of lunches I pack for my kids — using the same ingredients I use — but without any work for me. The packs are all around 300 calories and they include at least 10g of protien.

The company was founded by moms (who are local to me) who are on a mission to transform the way America eats by providing access to healthy food in schools and in stores. You can learn more about Revolution Foods, their products and their mission by visiting: www.revolutionfoods.com.

Take a lunch-making break with Revolution Foods Jet Packs

I found Jet Packs in the lunch kit section of my neighborhood Safeway (that’s them on the shelf, right up there), but they are also available at other grocery stores such as Vons, Shaws, Publix, Walmart and Whole Foods. You can find a store close to you by going to the Revolution Foods retail locator page.

You can receive $1 off Jet Packs and Lunch Bundles by going to this Facebook page to download a coupon.

Win a kit so you can take a Lunch Making Break too!

The winner will receive ONE “Take a Lunch Making Break” Survival Pack from Revolution Foods including:

  • a branded lunchbox
  • reusable water bottle
  • FREE COUPONS for Revolution Foods Jet Packs and Lunch Bundles

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Revolution Foods Take a Lunch Making Break

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for Revolution Foods. All opinions are my own.

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  • alie

    These would be great on those busy morings!

  • Lunch making break? How about during the busiest months of the year for the business I currently work in (assisted living and senior care).

  • Molly

    These would be great for Monday mornings!! I go grocery shopping Monday after the kids leave for school… so finding something to pack for lunch Monday mornings can sometimes be challenging. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    These would be great for field trip days!

  • Keri

    I need a lunch making break on Friday when there’s just nothing “fun” left to pack!

  • Sadie Rich

    My son would love the chicken nuggets one!! I love that it comes with a ketchup packet too!!

  • Jenn C

    Honestly, probably by Thursday of every week. At that point, we’ve cycled through our exciting lunch foods, and are likely on the 2nd tier lunch box/containers b/c all the rest have been left at school. 🙁

  • Shawna Stewart Greenway

    These would be great on Fridays when I’m just DONE with making lunches for the week.

  • Laura

    I need this now! Just had a baby and it’s hard with older siblings running around

  • huntersprize

    I have not been packing lunches as long as you, but my kids are not early risers and I would love to find a healthy alternative to Luchables for the days I spend dragging kids out of bed instead of packing food!

  • Alissa G

    School days can use all the help they can get!

  • Alissa H

    Whoops, meant to type Alissa H, not G!

  • CrystalB

    Oh lord, My January was insane, and I am going on a business trip for two weeks in April. I would love these so my kiddo has a healthy lunch alternative while I am away!

  • Mamabelly

    I love getting a lunch packing break on Fridays! These look really fun!

  • shannonqualls

    About once a week it’s nice to get a break.

  • Sarah Green

    Monday’s before my grocery store run 😂

  • Jana Pritchett

    These would be great for Thursday mornings, when I need a break

  • Valerie Jordan

    Would love to use these on hand when I run out of the essentials or just a fun change to the usual ham sandwich! 🙂

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