Happy Birthday Everyday Bento!

by Wendy Copley on March 4, 2015

Everyday Bento Birthday Giveaway

Happy birthday, Everyday Bento!

One year ago today, my book Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go was released. Since then I’ve received lots of fun emails and messages from readers who say that they have started packing bento lunches for their families based on the lessons and ideas in the book. Let me tell you — NOTHING is more fun to hear as an author than that!

If you are one of the few people on Earth who doesn’t have a copy (there are only a few of you out there, right?) you can find it in your local bookstore or you can buy it online. Amazon proper does not have the book in stock at the moment, but you can get it on Kindle or you can buy it from other sellers on the site. It is also in stock and ready to ship at Powell’s and Barnes and Noble.

If you’d like a preview of what you’ll find in the book, I made a series of videos last year showing how to make five of the lunches featured in it:

Now let’s move on to the fun stuff! No birthday is complete without presents, of course, so to celebrate I will be giving away one copy each to three lucky readers! Enter below!

If you would like to give a present yourself, I always appreciate fair and honest reviews. If you have the book you can share your thoughts on the Amazon review page. These help tremendously to spread the word about Everyday Bento and get it in front of people who may not even know they want a copy! Thanks so much to those who have already written reviews and to everyone who has supported Everyday Bento in the last year!

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  • ZombiePower

    Oh my. How exciting. I just added this to my virtual cart at chapters.ca

  • Wendy Mitchell

    Happy Birthday! Can’t wait until this fall when I get to make special school lunches for my grandchildren!

  • Sarah Green

    Woop! Happy Birthday, Everyday Bento!

  • Emily

    Happy 1st Birthday! I would love to add this to my lunch packing book collection!

  • Miranda Morrison

    Happy Birthday! I would love a copy of your book to help pack my 4 year old’s lunches.

  • JulianaMaz

    I would love to learn new ideas for packing healthy lunches 🙂

  • Dawn S.

    I would love this book! So many great ideas!

  • Whitney

    Ooh, I should stop by my local bookstore for a copy later this week! I want to learn more about shopping for bento ingredients, for example lists of ideas and how to balance proteins, fruits, and veggies for a given time period?

  • Lisa Tulak


  • Sarah

    Congrats Wendy!

  • Michele

    Happy birthday! Your bentos are so inspiring! I just started making them for my kinder and she loves them!

  • Amanda P

    would love new, fun ways to get my son to try new foods!

  • Alissa

    I would love to learn how to make cute lunches that covered a variety of food groups 🙂

  • Angie Eaton

    Happy Birthday!

  • Teresa Anderson

    Happy Birthday! Would always love more inspiration!

  • Natalie

    Happy Birthday ! Nice giveaway too 😉

  • I hope to learn more about healthy and yummy bento

  • huntersprize

    How exciting! Congrats! I’ve been packing a lunch for my son this year and ideas are hard to come by some days.

  • Brandee H

    I would love ideas on what is a good beginner set of Bento tools. What are the must have items?

  • Lauren Pickering

    I’d like to learn how to better keep all the food separated 🙂

  • Bonnie Kilby Lyons

    I’d love to know more about the tools that are available.

  • Ju Di

    I would like to learn ways to make everyday foods seem exciting and new.

  • Michelle Ultra-Violet Assasin


  • LyndsayMW

    Happy Birthday!

  • Angela Knutsen

    Happy Birthday to your book! I wish my children were small again so that I could use your ideas. They always look so interesting – they must be sure to tempt even the fussiest eaters.

  • Grace McCarter

    Omg, I’d love to up my kyaraben game! 🙂

  • K

    Yay! Happy birthday!

  • CJ

    Happy Birthday! Your book looks like lots of fun.

  • Laura

    I would love to turn sandwiches into cute faces.

  • Sara G.

    I’m a bentoholic, so is my toddler. Love seeing new ideas.

  • Krystal Watson

    I’ve been wanting one for a while. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Astrid

    How fun! Happy Birthday!

  • Froggerish

    My son will be starting preschool in the fall, and I’m interested in recommendations for containers/bento boxes.

  • Angela

    Are you no longer doing weekly lunch posts ? I miss them 🙁

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