The Week in Bentos: September 15-19, 2014

by Wendy Copley on September 22, 2014

Honestly, our mornings did not go smoothly last week. We all overslept at one point or another, the kids were obstinate and bickered constantly and I yelled at everyone far too much. Do you know what that means? Boring lunches and snacks.  There is nothing even vaguely cute here, folks. But maybe you’ll still get an idea or two?

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Taquitos lunch

Monday started off with a pretty good lunch for Wyatt packed into an EasyLunchboxes bento box: homemade apple chips, carrots, taquitos, pineapple and white cheddar popcorn. I made the apple chips from a recipe in the 100 Days of Real Food cookbook. The taquitos were heated up from the freezer and then I wrapped them in foil to help them stay warm-ish until lunch time. Wyatt said they were OK, but everything else in the lunch got wet from the steam, so I guess that didn’t really work out so well.

Popcorn and pineapple snack

Augie had popcorn and pineapple. Yawn.


Bagel Bento in the Laptop Lunches box

Zach went shopping and bought all sorts of treats on Monday night, so Wyatt got to have a bagel with lox and cream cheese in his lunch box on Tuesday morning. Yum! It wouldn’t fit in the normal Laptop Lunches container, so I put it in one of our large Bento Buddies. It was paired with popcorn and carrot sticks that he didn’t eat.

popcorn and applesauce snack

Augie had an apple sauce pouch and popcorn that I packed in our old goldfish snack box. Snooze-fest.


Kid-made bento

We were really rushed on Wednesday morning so I enlisted Wyatt’s help in packing his lunch. He chose salsa (packed in a mini dipper), dried pineapple rings, grapes, tortilla chips and sesame cracker sticks (from the bulk bins at the grocery store). Maybe not quite as healthy as I’d like, but he did eat it all. This was packed in the Laptop Lunches box (again).

Garlic sesame sticks and grapes

Augie had the same sesame garlic sticks and some grapes. Boooor-ing.


Thursday morning we were late, the kids were arguing and I was yelling at everyone, so Wyatt had school lunch and Augie had an apple sauce pouch. Real life.


Bagel Bento

Friday Wyatt had another bagel, but this time it only had cream cheese on it because the lox was long gone. (How do you protect your bagels? Put lox on them. Ha ha ha ha ha!) He also had radishes, a chocolate-pretzel-marshmallow cluster and a few grapes. This was packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Grapes and cucumbers snack

Augie had cucumbers and grapes in a green triangle snack box (meant for onigiri). I know it looks like this was packed for “green day” at kindergarten, but it was just a coincidence! He also had a small container of hummus that I forgot to put in the photo.

8 nothing-fancy, kind of boring snack ideas (for a week of bad mornings)

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  • Heather Dubarry

    Those still look like good lunches! Maybe not as pretty as they usually are, but everyone still was fed!

  • An excellent way of looking at it, Heather!

  • Jamanda17

    Love the title and the mention of “real life”. It’s oh so true, but you made it through and I think the lunches looked fine! đŸ™‚

  • Cristi-Lael

    Oh, I feel you, Wendy. Last night I accidentally made too much enchilada pasta for dinner, so I packed up some for my girls for lunch today, totally forgetting that I had just received new bento boxes in the mail over the weekend that I wanted to try out. I was bummed about it last night, but this morning I was grateful. None of us wanted to get out of bed this morning and it was so nice to have an almost fully made lunch waiting for the girls in the fridge.

  • Frederique

    I feel you! Mornings are mostly hell for me, My daughter (4yrs) is always tired, won’t get dressed, won’t eat (her father has the BAD BAD BAD habit of NOT having breakfast, so when he takes her to school he sometimes just forgets to feed her and she doesn’t seem to mind GRR) and so i have taken the GOOD habit of making her lunch with her straight after supper when all the food is out anyway. Makes mornings less grumpy – just gotta take the bento out of the fridge, place it in the lunch box and add the frozen ice pack and VOILA! I have to admit that she gets a school lunch (they have a catering service) once a week to give me a break!

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