99 Ranch Grocery Haul

by Wendy Copley on September 12, 2014

I live about a half a mile from a large Asian grocery store called 99 Ranch Market and yesterday I headed over for a quick shop. When I got home, I made this video to show you — yes, YOU — the stuff I bought:

Here’s a quick explanation of the things I show in the video:

  • Yan-Yan: these are a fun treat that the kids and I like to get when we hit the Japanese dollar store and other Asian markets. One side of the container holds cookie sticks, the other has a creamy frosting-like goo for dipping them in.
  • Thai tea, sweetened condensed milk and tapioca pearls (boba): one of my favorite drinks of all time is Thai iced tea, so I bought the ingredients to make it at home. Extra bonus: I bought the big tapioca pearls to try making bubble tea.
  • Mini sausages: I bought two kinds — pork sausage and franks with cheese — in the hopes they will work with my little sausage decorator set. I didn’t realize how very red the franks were until I got them home and held them side by side. Kind of disconcerting…
  • Mini bananas: perfect for a bento box
  • Yellow watermelon: Augie had this at his aunt and uncles a few weeks ago and was entranced by it. Another great item for the bento boxes.
  • Big tub of fruit jelly pudding: I bought these tiny little cups of jello like stuff as a treat for the kids and they are ga-ga over them. To me, they just taste like jellied Kool-aid so they aren’t really my cup of tea.
  • Strawberry wafer sticks: I thought these were cute and they looked yummy, but the stuff inside the cookie straws tastes like plastic. The kids don’t seem to notice or care because they are ga-ga over these too.

One thing that was a little disappointing about my trip to 99 Ranch? No bento supplies! They have a whole aisle with kitchen supplies, but nothing fun — or even boring — for bento. Oh, well!


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  • Cristi-Lael

    Haha! I love that your wee one (Wyatt?) was tapping you during the video. Both my girls suddenly feel the need to tell me something urgent when I’m on the phone or trying to make a video myself. It’s like a pavlovian response. Mom’s on the phone? Oh, I must interrupt! LOL!
    In other news, I’ve been wanting to try out a local Asian grocer here for the past few weeks. I’m hoping to find some fun treats as well. We don’t have a real local Daiso, but there is one about 45 minutes away and I’m planning a trip out there soon as well. It’s not that I need any more bento supplies, but, darn it, i want them.

  • We just got a yellow watermelon from our CSA box – but we didn’t know it was yellow until we opened it! Surprise! Used it to make cucumber/melon popsicles – trying them tonight!

  • Jay Melo

    I just watched your Ranch Grocery vid. I have been reading your blog [it’s great BTW] for a year or so and all the time I’ve been calling it Well-Donia. No dyslexia here! ha-ha Now I know how to pronounce it, thanks. The recipes are my favorite.

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