The Week in Bentos: July 28 – August 1, 2014

by Wendy Copley on August 4, 2014

We are heading into the final stretch of summer guys! Last week was Augie’s final week of preschool and this week he is attending day camp for the first time. Changes are afoot in Wendolonia-land! Wyatt was home last week so I only have Augie-bentos for you today, but the last lunch in this post might be one of my all-time favorite bentos, so be sure to read to the end!

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Preschool Monday Bento #697

We started off the week with a quick-to-put-together Yumbox lunch: turkey meatballs with a mini giraffe fork, strawberries with an elephant fork, a fruit and nut bar (Taste of Nature brand), tiny little champagne grapes, cucumbers and carrot sticks.


Preschooler Tiger bento box

On Tuesday I sent the lunch I made for last week’s 3 Tools, 4 Lunches challenge. Get the details about this lunch here.


Preschooler smiley face bento

I tried to make Wednesday’s lunch cute, but honestly I think it was a bit of a failure. It wasn’t bad or anything — it just didn’t end up being very cute. I packed Ninja turtles gummy snacks, farm cookies in a squirrel cup, tomatoes from our garden, a whole mess of blueberries, and  a smiley face sandwich made with sunflower seed butter and jelly.

The sunbutter sandwich was a bit of an experiment. Augie has been able to take nuts and peanut butter to preschool for the past few years and they are a staple item in his lunches. He really loves nuts. Next year he will be headed to a 100% nut-free elementary school (the same one my older son attends) so I am hoping he’ll be happy with sunflower seed butter as an allergen-safe alternative. I decided to try out the sunbutter in advance of school starting and both kids seem to like it OK. Yay!


Silly Star Wars bento box

Thursday was Augie’s last official day at preschool (sniff!) so I asked him if he wanted a special lunch to celebrate. He absolutely did and he asked for a “silly Star Wars” lunch, with a happy Darth Vadar. I have to admit that that his request stumped me, but after a little talking back and forth we came up with the lunch above.

I started with the easy stuff: blueberries with a storm trooper ring for decoration and red bell pepper strips guarded by Luke Skywalker. Then I added  pickle light sabers, because pickles are just inherently funny and when you pair them with light saber picks you’ve got comedy gold.  Finally, I made goofy Darth Vader and Yoda sandwiches. I started by cutting the basic shapes with a couple of our Star Wars cookie cutters, then I made smiling mouths with a small crescent cutter. I filled the sandwiches with sunflower seed butter and jam and then glued icing googly eyes on top of the bread with a small dab of the sunbutter.



I didn’t pack a lunch for Augie’s very last day of preschool because we all headed to a local park for the annual preschool picnic. It was a pot luck, so I brought one of my favorite pasta salads but the kids were so excited to play with their friends that they barely ate anything at all.

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  • Bethany

    Oh Bento Guru, I need your wisdom. Have you found any lunch boxes that fit the EasyLunchBox and a water bottle besides their cooler bags? I really want to use the ELBs for my first grade daughter this year but of course she’s putting up a strong fight against the plain cooler bag. Her Wildkin lunch box will fit the ELB but then there’s no room for a water bottle. I’ve googled and amazon-ed for a couple hours now and am having no luck. Thank you!

  • Jill

    We u se the ELBs for years with a lunchbox made by Scout called “Ice Baby”. It is the same size as the ELB box, but comes in many patterns and has a shoulder strap.

  • Bethany

    Thank you! We just came from Target where we found a couple good solutions.

  • Glad to hear you found something, Bethany!

  • Alissa S.

    Hi Wendy!
    Fellow bento-er here, in need of some advice. I am fairly
    new at this and don’t have many supplies, so I’m looking for some baran.
    I see you use a lot of paper-thin, almost one-use baran. Are those type
    really one-use? Do you think I should get those or silicon baran, in
    your personal opinion? Have you worked with silicon baran before and
    does one work better than the other?
    Thanks Wendy!

  • Hi Alisssa —

    I do use a lot of baran that is meant to be single-use, but I hand wash it and reuse it over and over and I’ve never had any problem with it. I also have silicone baran and like it well enough, but in general I don’t find it to be as cute as the thinner sheets. I personally haven’t seen any difference in the functionality of the two, so I say just go with whichever you like the looks of better.

  • Alissa S.

    Okay, thank you so much!!

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