The Week in Bentos: June 2-6, 2014

by Wendy Copley on June 9, 2014

Phwew! Summer has officially started here in the Copley house and I think everyone is pretty glad about it! Wyatt gave me a list of things he was willing to eat (finally!) so I packed his lunches for most of his last week at school. But now he’s going to be home for the summer so you won’t be seeing many bentos for him for the next 10 weeks! Augie will finish out the summer at his preschool, so he’ll still be getting a lunch every day.

OK, so let’s get to what the boys had last week:

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Preschool Bento #659

A friend gave me a gift of two new bento boxes over the weekend and Augie was excited to use this new box first thing Monday morning. The box has two inner lids that fold down over the larger side and the divided side and then the whole thing folds up so it’s kind of a square shape. It’s hard to explain, but basically the large compartment is upside down when it’s all folded up so I think I’ll have to be pretty careful about what I put in there.

For this lunch, we opted for a peanut butter sandwich. I cut and stamped a big panda with our CuteZcute cutter set, then I cut little bears with a mini cutter from this set. The faces were drawn on with food-safe markers. The divided side of the box held nectarine chunks with a panda pick, Triscuits with a panda food divider, cucumber slices and a small tub of hummus.


Big Kid Bento #911

One of the foods that Wyatt requested on his lunch list was smoothies, so on Tuesday I made a big batch of raspberry-banana smoothies for breakfast and then I filled a Yummi Pouch for each of the boys so they could have one for their lunch. I also gave Wyatt grilled pineapple, a cornbread muffin and some chicken chunks — all leftover from dinner the night before. I packed all of it up in our Laptop Lunches box.

Preschool Bento #660

Augie also had a smoothie, a corn muffin and grilled pineapple in his lunch and I filled in the rest of his PlanetBox with turkey roll-ups and cucumber slices.


Big Kid Bento #912

On Wednesday I packed Wyatt’s new lunch in our other new box. I like this one because it has two removable inner trays that are divided into three sections each — perfect for a snacky little bento. For this first run, I gave him raspberries, blackberries, salami, tortilla chips, a little bit of leftover pesto pasta and carrot sticks.

Big Kid Bento #912: new bento box in the bag

This box is pretty large and holds quite a bit of food, but it’s still a bit smaller than one of our Laptop Lunches boxes. Here’s a photo of it packed into our Laptop Lunches bag. You can see there is a little room to spare (which I used to pack a bag of Funley’s crackers, a fork and some black bean dip).

Preschool Bento #661

I packed Augie’s lunch in our Yumbox: wheat thins, salami, grapes, raspberries, blackberries and cucumber slices.


Big Kid Bento #913

Wyatt wanted a turn with the new yellow box on Thursday, so I packed him a summery lunch for his last lunch of the school year. He had a jelly sandwich that I cut and sealed with an empanada maker, grapes, pretzel thins, raspberries and blueberries. Wyatt decorated the sandwich with a food marker to make it look like a happy sun wearing sunglasses and I also included some paper picks — a flip-flop and a slice of watermelon — to add to the summer time theme.

Preschool Bento #662

When Augie saw Wyatt’s lunch, he wanted a similar one so the two of us worked to replicate it together. I made the same sandwich (this one had peanut butter and jelly inside), then filled in the rest of the box with grapes, berries, carrot sticks and a container of hummus. I also included the paper picks for more summer-osity in this lunch and I also added sand bucket and shovel stickers to the hummus container for some extra fun. This was packed in a PlanetBox Rover.


Preschool Bento #663

On Friday, Augie asked for the panda bento box so I dug that one out of the basket for him. He had strawberries, grapes, turkey meatballs, carrots, snap peas and some hummus in a Snoopy container.

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