Grown-up Lunch: Two Salads

by Wendy Copley on May 9, 2014

Nicoise Salad

One of my goals for the last few weeks has been to eat a TON of vegetables at lunch. The easiest way to do this? Salad, of course!

While I don’t mind a simple green salad as a side dish now and then, I need a little heft in my lunch to keep me satisfied until dinner time so I like to load my bowl up with lots of hearty ingredients until lunch time.

Up above, you’ll see the Nicoise salad I had for lunch today. I started by tossing baby greens and arugula with a simple lemon vinaigrette (fresh squeezed lemon, an equal amount of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. After I put the greens in my salad bowl, I popped a quartered, boiled potato into the same bowl where I’d tossed the lettuce and swirled the chunks around a little so they’d have some of the vinaigrette too. Next, I added some tomatoes, a hard boiled egg and a big glop of tuna right in the middle. Finally, I sprinkled a few kalamata olives over the top.

Arugula salad with farro, sweet potato, snap peas, and goat cheese with Meyer lemon dressing.

And this is a very different salad I made a couple weeks ago. Is started with a base of arugula (my favorite salad base), then topped it with cooked farro, chunks of roasted sweet potato, snap peas, and goat cheese. This was tossed in a Meyer lemon dressing which is a little sweeter than regular lemon dressing. I always try to use Meyer lemons for dressing if I see them in the store or — even better — when a friend is kind enough to give me some from her tree.

How do you eat your salads?

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