The Week in Bentos: November 4-8, 2013

by Wendy Copley on November 8, 2013

Truth time: this was one of those weeks when I hated making lunches in the mornings.

Hated. It.

A few times per year I get into a phase where I am not feeling the fun bento lunches thing at all and this was one of them. Maybe I was thrown off from the time change, or maybe it’s because I’m fighting off a cold — I don’t know — but this week’s lunches were all about keeping my kids fed and nothing else.  But the crazy thing is that when I looked through these bento boxes photos this morning, they were kind of fun. What?? I mean, they aren’t over the top or anything, but they look like the lunches I pack any other week. I guess when you’ve been doing this bento thing awhile you fall back onto habits without realizing it.

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Preschool Bento #538

On Monday, I packed Augie this simple lunch: cukes, Cheez-its, a granola bar, grapes and leftover chicken from dinner.

Because I had the option of getting out of making Wyatt a lunch, he ate at school.


Preschool Panda Bento #539

On Tuesday, I packed Augie a panda lunch in our Yumbox: granola bar, grapes (with panda picks), Panda pb&j (made with our Animal Palz set, salami and cucumbers.

Wyatt was off school for parent-teacher conferences.


Big Kid Bento #822

I made the boys quesadillas for dinner on Tuesday night and while I was cranking them out I made a couple extras for Wednesday lunches. (Yes, they eat them cold). I packed Wyatt’s in our EcoLunchboxes Tri Bento along with carrots, grapes, seaweed and butterfly crackers.

Preschool Mickey Bento #540

Augie’s was packed into our EasyLunchboxes bento box with grapes, carrots and some Mickey Mouse decorations (rings and picks).


Big Kid Yumbox Bento #823

I almost made Wyatt eat lunch at school again on Thursday, but he begged me to pack him a lunch instead, so I threw this bad boy together: sliced smoked gouda, granny smith apple chunks, carrots, black bean dip, graham crackers and turkey spirals. This was packed in our Yumbox.

Preschool Letter "G" Bento #541

I made Augie a “G” themed lunch for “G” week at preschool: granola bar with a “G” pick, leftover steamed green beans, “G” sandwiches filled with peanut butter and grape jelly and decorated with icing googly eyes, green grapes and a chunk of green Granny Smith apple with a “G” carved into it.

This was packed in our PlanetBox and I cut the sandwiches with the “G” from this big set of alphabet cutters.


Today I made Wyatt eat school lunch again because I’m a mean, lazy mom who didn’t want to make him a lunch.

Preschool Lego Bento #542

Augie got lunch in our brand new Lego box (because I have to pack him a lunch or he goes hungry).  A few weeks ago I attended the launch party for a new Container Store in my area and they gave me a gift card as a favor. I used it to get this new Lego bento box, along with a smaller snack box that fits perfectly inside it. This lunch had grapes, meatballs, goldfish crackers and cucumbers.

Preschool Lego Bento #542a

This is what the smaller box looks like inside the bigger one. The boys and I are both very happy with this purchase. I’ve been wanting one of these since I saw them on Another Lunch a couple years ago and the boys like them because…hello! Lego!

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