The Week in Bentos: September 9-13, 2013

by Wendy Copley on September 13, 2013

I’ve had one of those weeks where I’m just trying to get to the end. Deadlines, crabby kids, and car trouble up the wazoo. Bleh. I kept over-sleeping, the kids were difficult most mornings and all I could really manage was putting food in a box. I’m sure everyone can relate! Here’s what I put together for the week:

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Monday it was shrimp again for Wyatt! This was the third lunch in a row, but I eased off for the rest of the week. Along with that I gave him some carrots and ranch dressing from the veggie tray I served at Augie’s birthday party, cinnamon bread and a few strawberries. This was packed in our Laptop Lunches box.


Augie had carrots and celery, cinnamon bread, deli turkey roll-ups and strawberries. I also threw in a separate LunchBots condiment container with some hummus for dipping (not pictured). When I finished packing this lunch it felt a little plain, so I took 20 extra seconds to dig through my bento stash and fish out a frog food divider and a small frog pick to add on top of the bread and poke into the strawberries. And now that I’m looking at this photo I realize that what I thought was a frog pick is actually a hippopotamus. Ha! Don’t I feel dumb! Maybe I should have taken the extra 10 seconds to find what I was actually looking for.



Tuesday each of the kids got a frozen Yummi Pouch filled with applesauce. In addition, I packed Wyatt a Lunchbots Trio filled with whole grain pita chips, deli turkey roll-ups, cheese slices, ranch dip, carrots, and strawberries.

Total bummer: he was goofing around with one of his buddies and about 5 minutes into lunch his bento box accidentally got knocked upside down on the ground! The lunch was a total loss, but a few friends chipped in and gave him some food from their lunches. Still he was starving when he got home and he demolished a pb&j!


Like I said above, Augie also had an applesauce Yummi Pouchalong with an ECOLunchbox Solo Cube filled with carrot coins (in a star-shaped silicone cup), grapes, snap peas, tomatoes, hummus (in the star box) and whole-wheat star sandwiched filled with lemon curd.

After I took this photo, I realized that this is the 500th bento I’ve packed for Augie! Woo hoo! If I’d known in advance I would have attempted to do something a little special with it, but it ended up being kind of celebratory with the stars and stuff anyway. (And in case you’re wondering how I know this is #500 — I number each of my bento photos sequentially, and this one is “abento500”!)



Wednesday, Wyatt took the PlanetBox to school. He had mozzarella and proscuitto roll-up thingies, leftover chicken, pretzel thins (separated from the chicken with a silicone food divider), carrots and ranch, grapes and an apple with his initial carved into it.


Augie had turkey roll-ups, crackers (in a square silicone cup to prevent soggification), celery sticks, grapes and a checkered apple. This was packed in our school bus bento box.


Ugh. Thursday was the worst morning of the week. Wyatt had school lunch so I wouldn’t lose my mind.


Augie can’t buy lunch at school so I packed him this one in about 4 minutes flat.  Grapes (already washed, picked and in a container in the fridge. Phwew!), pretzel slims, salami and cucumber slices. Easy peasy in our Lock & Lock divided bento box.



Wyatt had a lunch packed in the Lunchbots Trio again today: dried cranberries, Laughing Cow Cheese, prosciutto roll-ups, celery sticks (I bet you $5 he didn’t eat them!), strawberries and Cheez-its.


Augie had a very similar Yumbox lunch: celery, strawberries, hummus, turkey roll-ups (he doesn’t like prosciutto), cucumber slices and a blueberry cereal bar.

Stumped for ideas for packed-lunches? Check out my lunch box idea list or visit Wendolonia’s Bento Box Gallery for nearly 1500 searchable lunch photos!

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  • Keitha

    Even when you “just put food in a box” it is stunningly beautiful. Hope you weekend turns out better than you week has.

  • Looks like you froze your applesauce? Do you use it as the ice pack?

  • Yes! I like to fill the pouches with applesauce or smoothies, then I freeze them so I can grab them when I’m out of fresh fruit. When I include one I don’t put an ice pack in the lunch bag because the pouch keeps the lunch cold and it also has a chance to thaw by lunch time.

  • Sarah Nelson

    I have a question–the roll-ups that Wyatt ate on Wednesday.. did yo make those or did it come like that? I am trying to imagine cheese rolling and molding that well, but I can’t picture it. I’m curious about it.

    I love the textures of Augie’s lunch on Wednesday–especially the top box. From the circle rings on the turkey to the squares on the crackers and the little bumps on the outside of some of the celery. It’s very appealing to my eye.

  • The roll-ups were purchased, Sarah. You buy a little roll thingy that kind of looks like a tube and then you slice it cross-wise to get the swirly slices. I got it at Trader Joes.

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