Bento Tip: Does It All Mix Together?

by Wendy Copley on August 27, 2013

Bento Tip - Keeping Everything from Mixing Together

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked about bento boxes is, “Doesn’t all the food mix together?”

It’s a valid point. I put all this food in a box — often without dividers — and then the box is tipped on it’s side for the walk to school. It makes sense that it might all tip to the bottom of the box or that the little pieces will fly all over.

But the truth is the food pretty much stays where I put it. There are two secrets to this:

  1. pack the food into the box tightly
  2. pack the food right up to the rim of the box

If I do these two things, it eliminates any empty spaces in the bento. When the box is tipped on its side it stays in place no matter how much it’s jostled because there’s no where for the food to move.

Want proof? Check out my video demonstration:

Do you have any tips for keeping your bento creations looking top notch until lunch time?

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  • Rachel @ Following In My Shoes

    Nope — that’s it! Pack tightly. 🙂 If I’m using a larger box that DOES end up having a little room in the box, I add a napkin in between the food and the lid, which helps!

  • CristiMessersmith

    We had a similar post idea today! I too pack it to the lid or fill the empty space with a napkin.

  • RookieHeather

    This is a terrific demo video. My little guy stomps, shakes, and bashes his lunchbox and he tends to damage his strawberries with this abuse. Will packing the berries tighter help or is this a behavior issue?

  • Great post!

  • Heather — Packing the strawberries tighter will help but convincing him to be more gentle will probably help too. 🙂 (Good luck with that….)

  • I saw your post on my FB timeline when I took a break from editing. I’ve never tried the napkin tip. I’ll have to give that a shot too.

  • I’m going to try that napkin trick too!

  • Cutezcute

    LOOOOOOVE it!!

  • Venia Conte

    Dude! Awesome post…and, super cute Assistant!

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