Little Passports: India

by Wendy Copley on August 20, 2013

Little Passports: India

Our latest Little Passports kit came yesterday on Wyatt’s last day of summer vacation! He couldn’t wait to tear into it. The timing was great for me because I was in the midst of clearing out his outgrown clothes so I ducked back into his room to dig through his dresser while he busied himself in the kitchen.

Little Passports: India

A few minutes later I got a full report. The kit came with a small stuffed Bengal tiger (the “souvenirs” are always his favorite part) which Wyatt told me was endangered. He also filled me in on how delicious Indian food is and explained how cool Holi is. Do tell!

Little Passports: India

Then he grabbed a roll of tape and hung his “post card” from Sam and Sophia next to his bed. This is one of the things we both really like about his Little Passports kits — the collecting aspect. Wyatt, like many kids, is a collector but sometimes we disagree about what items are good candidates for hoarding. Coins? OK! Pokemon cards? Sure. Rocks from the side of the road? Dirty beer bottle caps? Er…let’s leave those where they are.

But we have no disagreement about these cool photos. He loves to tape them on the wall so he can lay in his bed and imagine going to these interesting places and I think that’s pretty cool!

Little Passports is offering 40% Off your First Month with code OFF40 through the end of today (August 20, 2013)!

Disclosure: I am a Little Passports Brand Ambassador and affiliate. I blog about the kits we receive from Little Passports each month but everything I say (or my kid says) about the kits is an honest opinion.

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