How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

by Wendy Copley on July 16, 2013

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Wanna make your kid’s lunch seriously cute and super fun? Make their sandwich with a pie mold!

I have a few of these pie molds — a heart-shaped one I got at Target (it’s no longer available in the store or online but I found a similar one on Amazon) and some empanada molds. I like to whip them out from time to time to make sandwiches for my boys. Sometimes I decorate them and sometimes I leave them plain. Either way they’re adorable and the kids love them!

Preschool Conversation Heart Valentine Bento #400(packed in a PlanetBox Rover lunch box)

See? Here’s a lunch I made for Valentine’s day. Cute right?

Now let me show you how to use one of these pie molds to make a sandwich:

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Start by getting your mold out. Here’s what mine looks like opened up. One thing to note: most of these photos show the pie mold connected together, but I can also take the two pieces apart. This actually makes the process of making these sandwiches much easier so if you can separate the two halves without breaking your mold, I highly recommend doing that.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

The first thing you’re going to want to do is cut your bread. The outer rim of the pie mold is made to do this, so just center it over a large slice of bread and press down like you would with a cookie cutter.

It works best to use a softer style of sandwich bread for this technique. I’m using white bread in the photos, but I normally make these with a whole wheat bread and it works fine. Really grainy hippie bread will probably not work, so keep that in mind.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Pop the cut pieces out of the pie mold, and then press down hard on each piece of bread with the inside of the mold to get an idea of where the sealed edges will be. If your bread is a little dry, you can put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds and it will be a bit more pliable.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

This is what the cut pieces will look like when you’re done.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Place one of the pieces of bread back in the mold and add your sandwich filling. I’ve found that gooshier fillings work better for these sandwiches. Some ideas: peanut butter and jelly, soft cheese mixed with grated veggies and herbs, or the egg salad I’m using here. When you’re adding the fillings use the pressed edges as a guide and take care not to get the fillings on the edges that are going to be smooshed together because you wont be able to get a good seal. Also be careful not to use too much filling because this can tear the bread.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Top the bottom part of the sandwich with the second piece of bread.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Now close the pie mold and press down really hard on it to seal the edges of the bread together. (If the edge of the pie mold hurts your hand, place a small plate on top of it and press down on that.)

This is where it’s helpful to separate the two halves of the pie mold. You can seal the sandwich OK when they are connected together, but it’s much easier to apply even pressure all the way around the sandwich if there isn’t a hinge getting in the way.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

At this point there may be some extra bread squishing out the sides of the mold. Trim this off with a sharp knife or kitchen shears so your sandwich will look tidy.

How to Make Stuffed Sandwiches with a Pie Mold

Ta da! Now you have a pretty, easy-to-hold, delicious sandwich to add into a lunch box!

Sunshiney Preschool Bento #468(packed in a PlanetBox Rover lunch box)

In addition to making these sandwiches with a pie mold, I sometimes like to make them using an empanada maker. The empanada makers work a little differently because they are designed to fold a circle of pie crust (or in this case, bread) in half when you seal them. You can make them that way no problem, but if you want to make a full circle (like the sun wearing sunglasses up above) just unfold the pie mold and press it down directly against a cutting board to seal the sandwich.

Have you ever made a stuffed sandwich? What did you fill it with?

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  • Leaf

    “Really grainy hippie bread” – you crack me up! Thanks for the tutorial- my girls will love these!

  • Christine Yoon-Taylor

    So pretty, perfect and yummy looking! I have the exact same heart mold but mine never come out looking so good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Wendy! Love it!

  • E

    I like making grilled cheese. I assemble the sandwich and then heat it on the stovetop to melt the cheese inside. I like the heart shape, but I also use the pampered chef pastry cutter and it works wonderfully.

  • That sounds so good! I’m going to have to try it!

  • Baker

    Wow, those lunches look great, especially in the PlanetBox. I use one myself, it helps me cut down on trash! Here’s a link to their site (lots of customizable combinations!):

  • Jesús LOPEZ TATO

    Todo esta muy bien pero el comer es una cosa, que hay que hacerlo bien; porque, sobre todo, en los niños que estan creciendo hay que hacer una manera responsable y dandole todo los que necesiten, es decir, alimentos variados hidratos de carbono-pan
    fibra-verduras, fósforo-pescado, proteína- carne; nada de abusar de unos alimentos u otros no.
    Esto es un mensaje para que se tenga siempre en cuenta porque a lo largo de la vida el haber hecho una alimentación desproporcionada y desequilibrada pasa factura en la salud.
    thank you. Bye bye Jesús López Tato. Alicante (España)

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