The Week in Bentos: May 6-10, 2013

by Wendy Copley on May 10, 2013

I was super busy with a couple of deadlines this week, and that translated into some pretty simple lunches for the kids. Although I like putting together cute lunches, sometimes it’s neither fun nor practical for me to do so and at those times the boys eat pretty plain lunches. Nothing wrong with that, though!

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Sunday Bonus!

Dad's Airplane Bento #63

I’m going to start things off with a bonus grown-up lunch! My husband had to fly to the East coast for work on Sunday, so I took a few extra minutes in the morning to make him a lunch for the airplane. He had a turkey and swiss on whole wheat, grapes and a few carrot sticks. I added a cheese heart on top of the sandwich so he would know how much I love him and miss him when he travels and packed it in a Glad container so he didn’t have to worry about keeping track of the box.  I also kept this airplane safe by leaving out anything even remotely resembling liquid — ranch dip, I’m looking at you! The irony there is that he missed his flight and had to sit in the airport for a few hours waiting for his rescheduled flight. Then, that flight was delayed three separate times so the lunch never even saw the inside of a plane.


3rd Grader Biscuit Bento #752

Monday morning I made up a quick batch of those biscuits I talked about last week, so I included two of those in Wyatt’s Laptop Lunches box along with carrots and bean dip, salami and some strawberries.


Preschool Pizza Bento #440

We had pizza delivery for dinner on Monday night (I grocery shop on Tuesday mornings) so the boys had leftover pizza for lunch on Tuesday. They each had the exact same lunch, both packed in an EasyLunchboxes box: cold pizza, ugly grapes and apple chunks.

3rd Grader Pizza Bento #753

See? Wyatt’s is exactly the same, though somehow his grapes are even uglier than Augie’s were!


Preschool Heart and Popcorn Bento #441

On Wednesday, Augie asked me to pack his lunch in the PlanetBox. He had white cheddar popcorn, strawberries, a heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, and celery sticks.

3rd Grader Pizza Bento #754

And what’s this? Wyatt had another slice of leftover pizza in his lunch! He also had apples, cheesy popcorn and same ridiculously good farmer’s marker strawberries.


Preschool Panda and Apples Bento #442

Thursday Augie picked a sandwich shaped like a panda (I used this cutter/stamper set) for lunch and asked for it in our Lego box. He also had apple slices, grapes, mini pepperonis and strawberries. Come to think of it, he told me to put all of these things in his lunch.

3rd Grader Bento #755

What?? Pizza again? Wyatt had  the last remaining slice of pizza in his lunch on Thursday. I also gave him celery, goldfish crackers, apple chunks and strawberries. He was very happy with his lunches this week.


Preschool Squirrel Bento #443

Today Augie had blueberries, Tricuits with a soy cheese acorn, strawberries and a turkey sandwich shaped like a squirrel. I added a little black eye to the sandwich with a food-safe marker and packed it in our square Lock & Lock box.

3rd Grader Bento #756

Wyatt had blueberries, strawberries, a few tortilla chips and a turkey and pesto sandwich. The sandwich was a bit of an experiment and  I wasn’t sure how it would go over. Wyatt loves pesto on roasted potatoes, but he thinks it’s an abomination when I put it on pasta. (Kids are weird.) You’ll be happy to know that he declared it to be delicious when he came home from school today.

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