The Week in Bentos: April 29-May 3, 2013

by Wendy Copley on May 3, 2013

Hey-o! How is everyone doing this fine Friday morning? We have had a great week here in Wendolonia Land. Zach is home (not traveling for work), the weather is awesome, and Wyatt is doing the big yearly STAR test at school so he doesn’t have homework in the afternoons. Supervising homework ranks up there with supervising tooth brushing and the putting on of shoes as one of the top 3 worst  day-to-day things I do as a parent so it has been a blissful relief to be able to kick back and enjoy time with the kids in the afternoons. Now I can’t wait for summer!

OK, so here’s what we’re up to this week in the lunch department:

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Third Grader Bento (with a donut!) #747

On Monday, we had a leftover donut from Sunday breakfast so I split it in half and put one piece in Wyatt’s lunch box. (Augie got the other half for his lunch dessert.)  Wyatt was super excited so that was kind of fun. (I’m so stingy with the lunch box treats.) The rest of the lunch was strawberries, leftover steak, celery sticks and some home made kitty cat cheese crackers I made using the recipe Melissa at Another Lunch posted a few weeks ago. We all liked them and the dough was so easy to work with. I think I’ll be trying them again with some other flavor combinations soon. (This lunch was packed in a Laptop Lunches box.)


Preschool Kitty Cracker Bento #436

On Tuesday Augie had kitty cracker, celery, ham roll-ups and strawberries packed into a 4-up Lock & Lock box.

Third Grader STAR test Bento #748

Wyatt started his STAR testing so I gave him some star shaped cheese crackers. He also had dried cranberries, carrots and bean dip, strawberries and ham roll-ups in the Laptop Lunches box.


Preschool Goofy Airplane Bento #437

Augie’s lunch on Wednesday was packed in our Lunchbots Trio: salami, cucumbers, strawberries and a goofy airplane sandwich. He was digging through the cookie cutter basket while I was making his lunch and he asked for the airplane sandwich specifically. I thought it looked a little boring in the box though, so I jazzed it up with a couple of icing google eyes and a little baseball hat pick.

Third Grader Australia Biscuit Bento #749

I packed Wyatt’s lunch in our PlanetBox: grapes, strawberries, salami and a biscuit that looked kind of like Australia. There was also a little Lego tub of apricot jam for the biscuit that Wyatt didn’t end up eating.

The biscuits were 20 Minute Biscuits from the last issue of Cooking Light and they were a huge hit with my family. They really and truly only take 20 minutes from when I pull down a mixing bowl to when I pull the baking sheet from the oven. The last time I tried to make biscuits they were so horrible I had to blog about it but these were fluffy and tasty.  We went through the first batch so quickly that I ended up making a second batch the next day. Yum! I’m definitely adding this recipe to my repertoire.


Preschool Yoda and Darth Bento #438

Yesterday I had Star Wars lunches on the brain, so I made one for Augie: Small cucumber moons, a grape light saber, Yoda and Darth pbj’s, dried cranberry asteroids, and strawberries with a light saber pick.

Third Grader 750th Bento Bento #750

Wyatt’s lunch was full of his favorites: two biscuits (from the second batch), grapes, salami and strawberries.


Preschool Sunshine Bento #439

Today is going to be another hot, sunny day here, so I made Augie a sunshine lunch: strawberries, grapes, a sun sandwich made with a mini pie maker, and cucumbers. The sandwich was filled with peanut butter and jelly and I decorated it with nori cut into sunglasses and a smile using these cutters.

Third Grader Bento #751

Wyatt had the last biscuit, salami, a few bbq potato chips, apple slices and strawberries.

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