The Week in Bentos: April 8-12, 2013

by Wendy Copley on April 12, 2013

We all came back from our vacation well-rested and relaxed, but boy was it hard to get back into the regular routine this week! To top it off, I came down with a bad cold yesterday and my lunch packing enthusiasm completely fizzled out. But those boys gotta eat, so here are some boring old, non-vacation, Mom’s-feeling-sick lunch boxes:


Big Kid Bento #737: chicken satay

On Monday, Wyatt’s lunch was packed in his favorite Laptop Lunches box: carrots, a whole wheat dinner roll, apple slices, chicken satay leftover from Sunday’s Thai restaurant dinner and a few treats that I picked up at Disneyland — Mickey Mouse pretzels and gummies.

Mickey pretzel

Here’s a close-up of one of the Mickey pretzels. I got it in a package with two other Mickey-shaped treats: the gummies you see above and a pack of cheese crackers. In general I was disappointed with the options for bento boxes that I found at Disneyland. I only found one set of cookie cutters and they didn’t thrill me all that much. There also weren’t very many cute Disney foods there and what they had was very expensive. I splurged and bought this snack pack but otherwise, I left it all behind.


Preschooler Bento #424: Vacation Fun

Tuesday I made Augie a vacation themed lunch in the PlanetBox. The carrots and celery were to fill the veggie deficit from eating off kids menus for a week (I wish I were kidding — it was almost entirely french fries and pancakes). The strawberries had a flip-flop pick because he wore them almost every day. I made a sealed sandwich with one of my empanada makers then decorated it with nori cut into the shape of sunglasses and a smile (this was the SoCal sunshine). Finally I rounded out the lunch with an orange, Mickey pretzels and a few gummies.

Big Kid Bento #738: sealed sandwich

Wyatt had apple slices, a plain sealed sandwich, strawberries, carrots and bean dip.


Preschooler Mickey Mouse Bento #425

On Wednesday I made Augie a Mickey Mouse bento in our 4-up Lock & Lock bento box. The top left square had Mickey cheese crackers (the third item in the snack bag I bought), a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut with a Mickey cutter, strawberries with a Mickey Mouse ring decoration, and finally some sliced cucumbers. I arranged a normal sized piece of cucumber with two smaller bits cut from the end of the cuke in a Mickey pattern as an extra decoration. I balanced them very carefully for the photo, but I’m positive they didn’t stay in position on the trip to school because they were pretty wobbly. If you wanted to recreate this for an older kid, I’d recommend securing the smaller pieces to the big one with a couple short pieces of toothpick, but I didn’t go that route with Augie because I was positive he’d eat them accidentally.

Big Kid Favorite Foods Bento #739

Wyatt’s lunch was packed with several of his favorite foods: dinner roll, salami, a tiny box of yogurt raisins, bunny fruit snacks, carrots, bean dip, Mickey crackers and strawberries.



Thursday I woke up feeling sick with a cold so I kept Augie’s lunch pretty simple: cucumber slices, a half a banana, a couple of leftover apple slices from breakfast, two Mickey pb&j’s and some garlicky croutons.

And because I was sick and didn’t feel like doing any more work than I had to, Wyatt had school lunch.


Mom is Sick Planetbox Bento #427

I was still sick but I have to send a lunch for Augie or he doesn’t eat, so I kept things fast and easy: peanut butter cracker sandwiches, grapes, half a banana, watermelon slices and cucumber circles. The fact that this ridiculously simple lunch looks so good (in my not-so-humble opinion) is a testament to the awesomeness of the PlanetBox it’s packed in. When you’re using this lunch box, it’s difficult to make a lunch that doesn’t look nice.

Wyatt ate school lunch again because I was too tired to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

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