The Week in Bentos: March 18-22, 2013

by Wendy Copley on March 22, 2013

Both boys had packed lunches every day they went to school this week, so we have a full house!

You’ll notice that Wyatt’s lunches are really plain. We’ve been working together the last few weeks to come up with lunches he’s comfortable taking to school because of all the teasing he’s experienced lately. One thing he’s been pretty insistent on is sticking with our Laptop Lunches boxes which a few of his friends also use. So that’s why his meals are almost exclusively in those boxes.


3rd Grader Bento #728

On Monday, Wyatt had grapes, carrots, garlic naan, mandarin oranges and turkey meatballs with ketchup for dipping. We’re trying to keep things super plain (so as not to attract attention) so the only extra I included was one of my ever-present silicone baking cups.


Preschooler Rocket Bento #416

On Tuesday, Augie had a rocket ship lunch appropriately packed in our PlanetBox: half a banana with a crappy drawing of a spaceship on the peel (I used these food-safe markers), meatballs with a rocket ship pick, garlic naan cut in star shapes, and cherry tomatoes with a different rocket ship pick.

3rd Grader Bento #729

Wyatt had celery and bean dip (cleverly camouflaged in a green container, orange wedges, meatballs and naan.


Preschooler Lunchbots Bento #417

On Wednesday, Augie’s lunch was packed in our Lunchbots Trio: ham roll-ups on animal picks, wheat thins, orange wedges, celery and cucmber slices.

3rd Grader Bento #730

Wyatt also had a snacky lunch: tortialla chips, turkey roll-ups, celery, carrots, bean dip for dipping (in the blue box), a mandarin orange with a smiley face, and pineapple salsa in a mini dipper container.

The kids have been playing “Annoying Orange” with the fruit in our fruit bowl lately so I thought Wyatt might get a kick out of me drawing on my orange, but I was wrong. He told me he managed to turn the face upside down before anyone saw it but I was instructed not to do that again, please.


Preschooler Star Wars Bento #418

I bought some cute R2-D2 “Easter eggs” at Target over the weekend so I was inspired to put together some simple Star Wars lunches. Augie’s was packed in a single layer of our monbento box: strawberries, grapes, a Yoda sandwich (made with this cutter/stamper), and goldfish crackers in the Artoo unit. The container doesn’t hold much, so I also put some of the crackers around it.

3rd Grader Bento #731

Wyatt also gave me permission to make him a Star Wars lunch! Woo hoo! He had Darth Vadar and Yoda ham sandwiches (made with cutters from the same set I mentioned above), carrots with a Stormtrooper ring, R2-D2 with goldfish and strawberries and grapes on a light saber pick.


Preschooler Bento #419

Augie’s lunch today was a quicky: little cookies, Triscuits, celery sticks, sugar snap peas, sesame soy meatballs (recipe via Cooking Light), strawberries and a mandarin orange. This was packed in our 4-up Lock & Lock box.

3rd Grader Bento #732

Wyatt actually asked me to use the Planetbox this morning so I did. He had strawberries, two ham roll-ups, one sesame soy meatball (placed in a peapod cup), wheat thins, lemon yogurt, oranges and little cookies.

We nearly had a disaster with the yogurt. After I took a picture of this lunch, I closed the box and packed it into Wyatt’s lunch bag to put in his back pack. Just as he was about to walk out the door to school I noticed the lid for the yogurt container on the counter. Yikes! We quickly got his lunch out to assess the damage and though a little yogurt had spilled on the lid and into the large compartment, it hadn’t made it’s way to any of the other food. I quickly wiped it up and put the lid on and sent him on his way. Phwew!

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  • Keitha

    Awww… Wyatt won’t let you make his lunches cute? You can make a cute lunch for me anytime. Love the Star Wars lunch he let you make for him.

  • Min Kye

    I am sorry about the teasing your son is going through.

  • Angel Liu

    Seriously, if my mother made me these creative Bento box lunches when I was young (not saying her lunches weren’t delicious, just not as cute) I’d bring my lunch and show it off proudly to all my friends! Maybe somehow you could change Wyatt’s attitude toward these lunch box ideas? If he believes they are cool, then the other kids might stop. I think it is SO good that you are packing their lunch because if they buy lunches at school, those are Not. Nutritious. I remember eating Ramen, pizza, chicken fingers and fries. Yes they were delicious but how unhealthy are they? You should also tell them that if they keep eating your lunches, they will grow taller. đŸ˜€ Your blog is amazing!

  • Sorry, but no way would I do that as a kid. Teasing can be brutal and sticking out is never fun. I think Wyatt’s behaviour is totally understandable, and it sounds like the balance is still OK as he’s still taking healthy home-prepared lunches to school, just not very ‘cutesy’ ones.

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