The Week in Bentos: July 30-August 3, 2012

by Wendy Copley on August 3, 2012

This was the last week of preschool and day camp for my boys this summer, so this is the last week of lunches you’ll see until school starts up for us again the week of the 20th.

BUT WAIT! You should stick around! Next week will probably be a little light around here (Grandma and Grandpa are visiting) but the week of August 13 will be jam-packed with giveaways! I have lots of lunch gear and I’ll be giving away a few things to put in your lunch boxes as well.  Woo hoo!

But for now, let’s take a look at this week’s lunches:


Day Camp Bento #630

Monday morning was awful and busy around here, so Wyatt got a very simple lunch dumped into an Easy Lunchbox: clementine wedges, goldfish crackers and a homemade blackberry jam sandwich.


Preschool Bento #311

Tuesday, Augie’s lunch was packed into our CHILDish Yubo lunch box. I took the opportunity to use one of the smaller lidded containers in the set to pack some tuna in his lunch for the first time. Augie loves canned tuna, but I’ve never packed it in his lunch before because I didn’t want everything to smell all fishy. This worked really well! In addition to the tuna, which I mixed with a little squeeze of lemon, I packed crackers, carrots and cucumber slices for dipping in it. I also included some blueberries, gold fish crackers and a piece of fruit leather that I cut into stars. (Augie ate the fruit leather scraps as he watched me cut it.)

Day Camp Bento #631

Wyatt’s lunch was packed in the PlanetBox: black bean dip, raisins, carrots for dipping, strawberries, pita chips and blueberries. This vegetarian lunch was inspired by the awesome list of veggie lunch suggestions that people posted on the Wendolonia Facebook page. Thanks!


Preschool Bento #312

On Wednesday I packed Augie’s lunch in a Laptop Lunch box for the first time. This was another vegetarian lunch: raisins, plain mini cinnamon bagel, blueberries, watermelon chunks, cucumber slices and a little container of hummus for dipping.

Day Camp Bento #632

Wyatt also had a lunch packed in a Laptop Lunch: blueberries, black bean dip, carrots for dipping, raisins and two cinnamon bagels with cream cheese on them.


Preschool Bento #313

Yesterday Augie took the Yubo again because he wanted tuna. This time it was packed with whole grain pita chips, grapes, hummus, cucumbers and orange wedges.

Day Camp Bento #633

Wyatt had Scrabble Cheez-its, pita chips, grapes, a bagel with cream cheese, oranges and a weird little fried egg flavored gummy candy (it tastes like vanilla, thankfully — not eggs!)


Today our whole family is off to the preschool picnic for lunch.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check back in for giveaway week starting August 13!

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  • bubu

    Thanks as always for your great ideas! If you are ever doing a future themed-post, I would love more advice on what holds up best on hot camp days and what to avoid! I’ve realized smoked meats are better than regular cold cuts, hummus is iffy, dairy is out, and so forth…

    Also: I’ve often eyed the laptop lunchbox at Whole Foods but the price always makes me pause. Do you think it’s worth it -i.e., I know you pack great lunches in it, but is it sturdy and washable and so forth and kids don’t tend to lose parts…
    thanks you – love your website!

  • Thanks for the post idea — I always love those!

    Re: Laptop Lunches — I’m going to be doing an updated review next week, but here’s the quick answer: I really love the Laptop Lunches lunch boxes to the point where I recently bought a second one. Yes, there are a lot of pieces, but my kids have been trained since preschool to bring absolutely everything in their lunch boxes home with them — uneaten foods, wrappers, everything — so losing the pieces has never been a problem for us (I know other kids may not do this so your mileage may vary). I’ve used our original one for 3+ years and it’s still in great shape despite being washed in the dishwasher every time it’s used. I recommend it without hesitation despite the price.

  • Amy Dyer

    I eat a lot of vegetarian meals, mostly because it takes too much time and effort for me to cook meat at home! I would much rather put my cooking energy into a pan of sauteed vegetables after work.

    My concern at lunch, though, is that I need enough protein to get me through the rest of the work day until supper 6-8 hours later. If I don’t include meat in my lunch, then I try to pack plenty of beans, cheese, and/or eggs to get a good amount of protein in my body to keep me full.

  • bubu

    thanks! good to hear as a new school year is approaching

  • Garbage75

    Great Bento blog, I’ve been going through them all these past days! I was wondering
    if you could do more “before and after”, how the bentos came
    home, what was eaten, and which feedback you got from your kids. I’m
    always very curious to open the lunch boxes of my kids and I ask what
    they thought of today’s lunch, what they ate and what they didn’t eat/like. Another thing, I wonder why you write
    catsup instead of ketchup, I’ve never seen it written this way before.

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