Summer Fun: Big Ol’ Bag of Water

by Wendy Copley on July 18, 2012

Big ol' bag of water

What were we up to on this particular day? Oh, you know…we just folded a plastic tarp in half, duct-taped it shut and then filled it up with the hose to make a giant water bed in our back yard. Nothing unusual here!

This was another activity I found on Pinterest and it came to us via Go Kid Yourself. I did this on a hot, complaint-filled afternoon and the kids were amazed when I whipped this up on the spur of the moment using stuff from the garage. My tarp was a little worse for wear with holes here and there but I just slapped some tape over them as we noticed them and it held up well enough.

Big ol' bag of water

Wyatt thought this was completely awesome and he ran across it, rolled around on it, and squished the water back and forth with his hands for quite a while. Augie was completely freaked out by it though and barely touched it. Go figure!

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  • RookieMom Whitney

    I saw that Casey did this, and was totally dumbfounded by her real estate. I’m glad you did it, too. I might try now.

  • Woah! That is quite a yard! Ours had a very small foot print actually because I went with a pretty small tarp. I’m sure you could find room in your yard for it.

  • i love this! i will be giving this a shot ASAP!

  • Joanie Britt

    Love love love this idea. I am also anxiously awaiting your lunch box reviews. I so want a planetbox but aren’t sure they’re worth the $$.

  • eryn marie

    You are a seriously amazing mom. I’ve been reading forever, but after this last month or so of posts, I really need to tell you how awesome you are!!!! Lucky littles to have such a cool mom that is committed to fun and educational activities all the time. I grew up doing tons of crafts and playing outside…it makes me so happy that there’s still kids who do this instead of just wanting a video game đŸ™‚

  • Margaret

    Oooh! I saw this on Pinterest, too. I have been dying to try it but figured it would take forever to tape securely enough to be water-tight. I’m glad to hear it can be whipped up spur-of-the-moment.

  • Thanks so much for saying that, Eryn. Believe me though — we have MORE than our fair share of battles over TV and video games. Usually the projects I am posting here are part of a strategy to get my kids interested in *anything* other than staring at a screen. I fight the good fight, but the call of the Wii (and the iPhone, and the iPad, and the laptop) is very powerful.

  • With Wyatt’s help, I think it took me about 20 minutes to tape it. I’m guessing though — I didn’t have a timer or anything.

  • I haven’t decided yet either! Ha!

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