Summer Fun: Button Box

by Wendy Copley on July 16, 2012

Button Box

Several years ago I bought a whole bunch of buttons at a craft store. I have no idea why. As far as I can remember I’ve never used them on any projects other than sticking them to an occasional scrapbook page. I certainly haven’t used any of them in a large enough quantity to justify the amount that I own. Basically, they’ve been sitting all alone in a box on a shelf, neatly sorted but completely neglected.

Augie is finally at an age where I can trust him not to stick random items in his mouth or up his nose, so I decided to get the button box down and let him play around with it.

Button Box

He started by digging into the box and throwing big handfuls of buttons onto the cookie sheet I set out in an attempt to keep them from flying all over the kitchen floor.

Button Box

Then he pointed to each section and we talked about what color the buttons inside were. Our discussion about whether or not dark and light blue buttons were the same color as regular old blue was scintillating.

Button Box

Next, I showed him the novelty button section (you can see some of them to the left in the photo above) and he carefully described the shape of each button to me.

Button Box

Then finally we wrapped it up by channeling our inner Mary and Laura Ingalls to make a button string. Augie selected each button and I threaded it onto some embroidery floss with a needle. I really only meant for the string to be a little side activity, but I thought it ended up looking pretty cute and now I want to make myself a similar bracelet using some elastic.

Do you have a button box? What are some items you have around the house that you use to amuse your children?

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