Happy 5th Birthday to Me! (Giveaway!)

by Wendy Copley on March 14, 2012

Happy birthday to Wendolonia!
Happy birthday to Wendolonia!
Happy birthday dear bento/craft/parenting blooooooog!
Happy birthday to you!

Hooray! Wendolonia is five today! Five years ago I started this blog with three readers (Hi Zach! Hi Mom! Hi Dad!), not much to say and nary a bento box or silicone baking cup in sight. Today, Wendolonia has 659 blog posts, over 1000 bento box photos, and thousands of readers and friends!

I am so happy to be a part of this fantastic community and so very thankful for all of you — my bloggy friends who make Wendolonia such a fun place to hang out every day. I appreciate every single person who comments on posts, joins in on our Facebook conversations, emails me thoughtful letters, or pins photos to Pinterest. And I love all of you lurkers out there too!

Today, I’d like to thank everyone by giving away a few bento goodies! As much as I’d like to send a little gift to everyone, that would be a financial and logistical nightmare so I’m going to have to limit myself to four giveaways.  Take a look at the goodies I have selected for you:

5th Anniversary Giveaways

First up is Bento Starter Pack #1! This box will include:

  • 1 orange stacking bento box
  • a package with star and heart shaped rice molds
  • an orange bear bento belt
  • 3 small wedge-shaped silicone cups
  • a package of animal bento pics
  • two larger silicon cups

5th Anniversary Giveaways

Next, I have Bento Starter Pack #2. This box will contain:

  • a bird-themed stacking bento box (I have had my box like this for several years and I pack Augie’s lunch in this about every other day)
  • a package of colorful dot themed decorative picks
  • a spherical rice ball mold
  • animal faces cutters
  • two large silicone cups
  • 3 silicon bento box belts

5th Anniversary Giveaways

I also have two smaller giveaways. Two people will each get either a large yellow or large orange silicone cup. These are one of my favorite bento supplies and they’re probably the item that I’m asked about most frequently. Until a few weeks ago I’d only ever seen one of them once at a Daiso store but then when I was shopping for this giveaway I found a rack of them and stocked up. These are perfectly sized to divide the large compartment of the popular Easy Lunchbox or other large food storage containers. You can see my green and blue ones in action on the Easy Lunchbox page of the Bento Box Gallery.

How to Enter:

Entering this giveaway is easy as pie! Leave a comment below telling me something you’d like to see more of on Wendolonia in the next five years. If you can’t think of something just say anything you want.

There’s no need to follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or whatever, but I’d sure appreciate that if you wanted to. I’ll close comments Friday night (March 16, 2012) at 9:00 pm and select 4 random winners shortly thereafter. Sorry, but I’m only able to ship to U.S. addresses. Winners will have 48 hours after I notify them via email to respond with their mailing address. If I don’t hear from you an alternate winner will be selected, so be sure to leave your email address and check your email.

I hope YOU win! Thank you so much for reading Wendolonia and being a part of my life!

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  • Katie Bryson

    Happy Birthday!  I love to see what you pack in your bentos for your two boys.  I have 2 girls that are just a bit younger and it is a really great way to get ideas for packing their lunches.

  • Sanzu

    happy birthday, my dear!
    every recept for any bento is great!
    susanne from kiel

  • Plume

    Happy Birthday Wendolonia! I still remember when I first found your blog, my son was about four months, and thought this (bentos) was the coolest thing.  I wished right there for a few seconds that he’d be a pre-schooler so I could whip one up.  Now he’s three and a half and I’ll be finally making some of these soon (and wishing he went back to being a baby sometimes, ha).

  • april

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂 Been reading for awhile to get ideas for my twin toddlers for food. Just started actually being able to bento recently!

  • Liz S

    Hi Wendy, I am so looking forward to seeing your children’s taste mature and what new ideas you’ll incorporate to your weekly bentos to accommodate that! The colors and simplicity of the bentos really encourage me to do the same for my kiddos!! Thanks and happy 5th birthday!!

  • Kristi H

    Happy Birthday!! I would love to see more creative ideas on how to make sure my son getsa balanced lunch . . . not that you don’t already have tons of awsome ideas.

  • Nicnpaul

    I just found your blog via pinterest.. love the Bento features.  I like trying Bento’s and yours seem achievable.  Also liked your “I have tried this on Pinterest”  Fun!  

  • Chinamom64

    Happy Birthday to Wendolonia!  I can’t think of anything I’d want you to do differently – your blog posts are terrific as is.  I love all of the photos and creative ideas – keep up the good work!

  • Allison DuPre

    FIVE YEARS!  WOWZA!  Keep up the great work! I LOVE reading your blog.

  • Jessa Vida

    Just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest today.  I have some serious catching up to do! Happy Birthday 🙂  Love your baked tofu giraffes, I’d personally love to see more vegan stuff.  Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Debbie Chamrad

    I love the bento posts!

  • Heather

    I started following for the bento photos but have stuck around because I love all your posts. I’ve been particularly enjoying the project life spreads and would love to see more ideas for documenting memorabilia.

  • Lilkodamas

    I have really liked your 365 album this year. I have lots of stuff to archive and not so much time or space for the “traditional” style scrap booking.  This looks fun and easy! I always like to see the bentos and hear about your crafting adventures. Happy Birthday!

  • Staci A

    Happy Birthday!  I love seeing your lunches and would love to see more recipes.  The leftovers your kids take look so yummy!

  • Emily

    Happy Birthday!  I love your blog – especially the  Bento photos – they’ve helped me be creative and get my 9 year old foster daughter to try new foods.

  • Jen

    I follow you on pinterest and I”m a lurker of the blog.

  • Jena’

    Happy Birthday!  I just came across your site through pinterest.  I have fallen into a peanut butter sandwich or lunchable rut with my VERY picky 4 year old.  I would love to see some things for extremely picky eaters, or even tips to get kiddos to try new foods!  Hoping I win 🙂

  • Lisa Howard

    Happy Birthday.  Love the information and ideas and look forward to more.  The suggestions and reviews have been really helpful and opened a world of enjoyment in my child’s lunch.  I went on my own and found a new bento product – Goodbyn only to be disappointed by the hungryman sizing.

  • 4toots

    You are such an inspiration…just keep the bento lunchbox pics coming….I love all the ideas 🙂

  • Being a crafter, I’m definitely partial to see you stretch your sewing muscles a little more–like your cute bobble scarf! And of course I love how bright and colorful your blog already is–it always makes me smile when I read it. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  • Hi Wendy!  I read your blog about a year ago and I’ve been packing bentos ever since. Thank you for the inspiration!  I always enjoy seeing the before and after kid bento pictures 🙂  Happy Blog Birthday!

  • Jenna

    Happy Birthday, Wendolonia!  I enjoy reading and being inspired by your blog and now that I have my own little one I am excited to put some of these ideas to use.  I always enjoy your bento, crafts and life with kids posts, but would love to know more about how you balance everything, how you organize your grocery shopping, and more fun activity ideas.  Thanks for your great blog!

  • I’d love to see more of the fun activities you do with your kids (the soap in the microwave was awesome).  Happy birthday!

  • Krisankus1243

    Love it but I’d ;like to see more crafts!

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  • Kristi

    Love the bentos you pack!  My 9 yo son has food allergies, so packing lunches is a challenge, but you have given me a few fun ideas for him!  I don’t have any bentos….so this would be totally cool to win!!

  • Noelle

    I love what you post! I really hope I win!!

  • Sidney Sweeney

    Id love to see bentos that you make for yourself and Zach. Oh, and weight loss bentos 🙂 because while I love pizza and cheesits I still have about 20 pounds of fat to lose!

  • Liz Hodes

    Happy Blog Birthday! I love the preschooler Bento lunch ideas, but I’m also hooked on your scrap booking posts. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • kristievcat

    I really enjoy seeing your Week In Bentos posts.  I have a terrible time trying to come up with things for lunch.  My toddler eats at home, but I’m sure he’d eat better if I styled my food like you do.  As for what I’d like to see in the coming five years?  I would like to see more of your recipes, like those rice balls the kids love so much and maybe some posts of your boy’s favorite evening meals with recipes.

  • ameliasprout

    Woo hoo! Happy Birthday. You make me actually look forward to sending my daughter off to school with a packed lunch. 

  • Jolynda Davis

    Happy Birthday to Wendolonia!!  I love seeing your Bento lunches!!  I would enjoy seeing recipes to go along with your lunches.  Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!

  • Ginny Serpico

    Wendy, I love you and all your Bento-y-ness! Happy Birthday, thanks for all the great inspiration.

  • I’d love to see some more bento and maybe another post on letterboxing, if you’re still doing that.

  • Phoebe

    what?? US address only? oh, what a bummer! 🙁
    but anyway, here’a  a very merry happy birthday to wendolonia! keep the creativity rolling, wendy. GBU and much success

  • Kendall Vandyke

    I don’t even have kids yet, but your site makes me so excited for the bento lunches I will one day pack for them! Thanks, Wendolonia – keep the great stuff coming.

  • Today is my birthday–will it be my lucky day?

  • Mary Sanford

    Happy birthday! I just like to see all the different bento configurations, which give me confidence that I can start knocking them out next year when my daughter goes to preschool!

  • Abbey Condra

    I love you 365 project.  It is neat seeing a glimpse into your life and reminds me about the little things that make up my life each week.  I also like seeing your craft projects.

  • Lila Jo

    I am totally inspired by your bentos – it has definately made me rethink lunches for my kiddos. Keep up the great work!

  • Emily

    Three cheers for five years!  I am the laziest bento maker in the world, but I have a great time with what I’ve packed for preschool.  Thanks for the good ideas and pretty pictures.

    How do you prepare your tofu?  We’re vegetarian, so I get all excited to see tofu guys in lunch boxes.

  • Kristin

    Such a great blog.  Good Work. 

  • Kikbee

    I’m too late, which is fine…just wanted to wish you happy blogoversary!!!! Also, where do you get these fab bits for bento? I don’t have kids….I’m 42 and love bento for myself….but have no idea where to start.

  • Thp22

    I’m a preschool teacher and love your craft ideas! I am also the mom of a 2yr who started school this past Sept. I had almost given up on the bento lunches for her when I found this blog! You inspired me! As a teacher and Mother! Bento! O Bento!

  • meg spaeth

    I might have said this before but you told me to buy silicone cupcake cups and I did. And it changed my life. Ridiculous, but also completely true! I have not upgraded to real bentos yet (still rocking the tupperware) but I did buy some new fancy square! silicone cupcake cups. 

  • Gwen

    Your scrapbooking is great, I really like everything you post!  I would love that birdie starter set or a silicone cup.  🙂

  • I would love to see more of what you’re already doing! It’s perfect. 🙂

  • yoanap

    Happy 5th Birthday! I’d love to see more posts on tutorials and the activities you do with the kids. I get a lot of ideas from reading your posts on activities (which led to us signing up for Kiwi Crate) as well as making homemade playdough 🙂

    But I love the bentos too!Thanks!

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