Project 365 2012: Week 7

by Wendy Copley on March 5, 2012

Project 365 Week 7

I’m still catching up on the Project 365 blog posts. Week 7 is a hefty entry in my album because Valentine’s Day was smack dab in the middle and I had a bunch of extra stuff I wanted to include.

Project 365 Week 7

The left side of the spread was pretty typical. I started off talking about making naan, then told a little story about the rainy walk Augie and I took Monday morning. Tuesday there was a funny quote from Augie about Curious George and picture of him working on an art project. I wrapped the page up with with Wednesday’s picture of the boys buying an ice cream after school. I typed the journaling for that right on the door to the cafeteria in Photoshop Elements and then printed the photo on our home printer. (Actually, I print everything at home.)

Project 365 Week 7

I included two additions inserts about Valentine’s day too. The first was a 6 x 12 scrapbook page with a collage of photos from our day. I ran out of room when I was making the title so it says “Valentine Day” which I admit is kind of silly looking, but I didn’t care enough to redo it all.

Project 365 Week 7

The back side of the insert had a piece of Augie’s art that I cut down to fit and the boys’ valentines from their Grandma and Grandpa.

For the second insert, I filled a baseball card sleeve with Augie’s valentines. Most of them were about the right size for the sleeves, but I cut them down to fit perfectly. I’ll put some of Wyatt’s valentines on the back side, but they are missing in his messy room at the moment so I’ll have to add them whenever they turn up.

Project 365 Week 7

The final page has photos of the boys eating their first ever Twinkies, a print-out of the photo I used to virtually try on some glasses, and another cute conversation I had with Augie. (He’s at a hilarious age right now.) I also showed our burned up chicken dinner and wrote a bit about Zach’s current obsession with cast iron skillets.

Are you documenting your year? Are you managing to keep up?

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