MapMyFitness Quaker Challenge Update

by Wendy Copley on February 29, 2012

February has come to a close, the MapMyFitness Quaker Challenge is wrapping up and I’m happy to report that I easily met my goal of completing 15 workouts this month! Woooo!

I had a few set-backs, of course, because these sorts of things never seem to go smoothly. I got sick for a few days and I had a big work project too, so I slacked off with the exercise a bit during those periods, but I made up for it during the rest of the month.

As I expected, I mostly walked. More than 2/3’s of my work-outs were walks which is my favorite way to exercise. I pop in my headphones, start up a podcast and go, go, go. It can be hard for me to get a real walk in when the kids are with me because they can’t keep up a good pace with me (Augie) and they also get bored and start complaining after awhile (Wyatt) so I’ve begun to sacrifice some of my precious, precious school/preschool time to walking. The area right around our house is very flat, so in the interest of saving time and hitting some good butt-buster hills I’ve started taking my walks right after I drop Augie off at preschool. It’s nice to get going early in the day and I also like logging a good chunk of my daily exercise goal before I sit down to work.

When the kids are with me, I’ve got a couple of strategies. On Mondays when Augie is home from preschool, I like to get out of the house and do something with him so lately we’ve been going on a hikes down by the bay. It’s pretty and there are lots of interesting things to look at so this is a fun treat for both of us. Check out this view:

Miller-Knox view

Nice, huh? We also are lucky to live in a walkable neighborhood so we’ll often run errands on foot. And finally, when I take the boys to the playground, I like to do laps around the play structure while they get their ya-yas out. It doesn’t seem like a lot of activity to me while I’m doing it, but I keep track of how far I walk using my Fitbit and I’ve learned I can walk as far as a mile and a half doing this! Much better than the sitting around I used to do when visiting the playground.

One of the activities I said I hoped to do in my original post about the challenge was go swimming at our new neighborhood pool. I did manage to do this once, but the pool opened later in the month than I’d originally thought, so I only went the one time. I’m hoping to make this at least a weekly activity going forward though.

Me on a Bike

Finally, last week I managed to get my bike fixed up and ready to ride. I took it out for the first time yesterday, but I only rode for 5 minutes before I got super cold, so I turned around and came home. I recognize that a 10 minute bike ride is pretty pathetic, but last year I rode my bike zero minutes, so I’ve decided this little smidge of a ride counts as one of my work-outs.

What are my big takeaways from all of this? Well, I’ll start by saying that I haven’t turned into any kind of exercise nut — not by a long shot. But I have found a few things I enjoy doing and a few ways to get them done even with my kids in tow. I also think that I’m at a point where I’ve formed a little bit of an exercise habit. I’ve noticed that if I don’t take my morning walk I start getting crabby in the afternoons so that’s a motivator to get out and get moving. I definitely think I’m going to keep this up!

February is National Heart Health month. Even if it’s only 5 more minutes a day, what extra step will you take to stay fit?

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