Valentine’s Day

by Wendy Copley on February 14, 2012

I went waaay overboard on the Valentine’s theming this year, but I love how the kids’ lunches came out. In fact, I couldn’t wait until Friday to share the bentos I made for the kids this morning so I’m coming at you with a special Valentine’s Day post!

Second Grade Valentine Bento Box (556)

Wyatt’s lunch had popcorn with pink sprinkles, a few heart candies, an apple with a heart-shaped chunk cut out and a heart-shaped piece of fruit leather put in, heart-shaped strawberries and heart-shaped sandwiches.

Preschooler Valentine Bento Box (226)

Augie also had a lovey dovey lunch: smaller heart-shaped sandwiches, strawberry hearts and an apple with the same treatment. He also has some apple slices below the big piece and a little tub of peanut butter for dipping.

Valentine's Day

My work area even looked festive when I was making the lunches, so I had to take a picture.

Valentine's Day

I also wanted to show you what my little stinkers did when I had my back turned at breakfast. They put candy in their cereal. Naughty!

Valentine's Day

And finally, the fruit trees are all blooming here and I had to take a picture of their pink, Valentine-y loveliness on my walk this morning.

Happy Valentine’s day to you!

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  • Cristi Messersmith

    Very pretty lunches! And lovely tree too! Ours haven’t even got buds yet!

  • Krista

    Adorable. I did heart shaped PB sandwiches too, I used my little petite fours cutter so he had a pile of bite-sized hearts.
    Conversation hearts in cereal sounds soooo gross!! Did they actually eat it?

  • LOVE it!

  •  Disgusting, right?? They ate the candy out, then complained that the cereal tasted funny. Surprise, surprise.

  • best Mama ever.

  • Plume

    I have that yellow mug, it’s my favorite! Love the lunches.  And have to agree with the candy in the cereal being disgusting.  Saw the pic and instantly thought eww, ha. 

  • Guest

    Glad you’re back.  Missed you last week.

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