40th Year Project: Part 5

by Wendy Copley on January 16, 2012

40th Year Project - Part 5

Time for the January update on my 40th year project. Woo hoo!

This month I started digging into the box of super-special-save-forever treasures that I packed up and sent to California when I helped my parents move out of my childhood home several years ago. Though my parents had made changes to my room in the 15 years since I moved out to attend college, the closet and my huge desk were still packed with my stuff. Toys, papers, notebooks, tchotchkes  — you name it, I saved it. I did my best to clear everything out because I didn’t want to saddle my parents or myself with all my junk so the stuff that went into the box is the creme de la creme. Going through this box is very intense for me because literally every piece of paper in it has some kind of significance in my life. So far I’ve only managed to excavate 2 inches into it! You’ll see a lot more of these historical documents as I add them into my album in the coming months.

Let’s take a look at what I put together:

40th Year Project - Part 5

This page shows:

  • I little bit about my love for tea. I really like tea.
  • A photo and a smidge about my life from my freshman year of college.
  • I great quote from Ira Glass about mastering creative pursuits. These are words I revisit frequently. (Found on Pinterest.)
  • Rob Lowe, my teenage crush. I totally forgot how much I loved Rob Lowe until I found the photo of my bedroom in the lower left corner of this page and saw all the posters of him on the walls. He does nothing for me now, though. Isn’t that weird?
  • A sparkly photo of myself I took using Incredibooth.
  • A photo of my room from when I was in 9th grade. It was definitely NOT this clean normally. I think I took the photo specifically because it was so tidy.

I also included a going away card that my co-workers made me when I left my first post-college job in an 8.5 x 11 page protector. Lots of funny messages with inside jokes inside there.

Boys Eye View

The back of that page protector has a layout I made after asking Wyatt and Augie a bunch of questions about me. Their answers cracked me up and I realized they think my job is laundress. Nice.

40th Year Project - Part 5

The second side of this layout has:

  • A picture of me with much longer hair than I have now.
  • A bracelet that I found in the basement when we moved last year.
  • My typical morning routine.
  • A couple things about my love of books.
  • A bit about my childhood relationship with NyQuil (Blech!) and the lengths I went to to avoid taking it.
  • A picture of my awesome Sharp boom box.
  • And a photo of me on my 21st birthday.

40th Year Project - Part 5

This next spread incorporates both the divided page protectors and a full sized 12×12 page.

40th Year Project - Part 5

The right side has:

  • A photo of my goofing around in my first real grown-up lady apartment.
  • A card that was thrown out into the audience when I went to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in high school.
  • A print-out of the box from my all time most favorite LEGO set.
  • A note on my chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. (Slim.)
  • Stickers from my trip to Disney World when I was 8 that I never stuck onto anything. There’s a Minnie Mouse one behind the Mickey you see there, too.
  • A photo of my Grandma Ruby and all her kids.
  • And a picture of the first gingerbread house I ever made.

40th Year Project - Part 5

The opposite page holds a report card from 6th grade and my 7th grade ITBS test results.

40th Year Project - Part 5

The back side of that page holds a Mills College admissions office brochure about student life. My roommates and I were interviewed and photographed for the brochure.

40th Year Project - Part 5

And finally, the last page includes these little tidbits:

  • A photo and ticket stub from a trip to Minnesota I took with my friend Gretchen for an Iowa football game.
  • A photo and quote from Amy Poehler that I like.
  • All you’ve ever wanted to know about my feelings for orange pop.
  • My 7th grade class schedule.
  • More about zombies!

And finally, in honor of the Martin Luther King holiday, I’ll leave you with an insipid poem I wrote in sixth grade that was inspired by his famous and much more eloquent speech:

A Dream by Wendy Thorpe

I have a dream!
I have a dream for peace on earth,
No nuclear bombs, and jobs for all.
I have a dream that Mr. Chauvinist and Ms. Prejudice are dead,
Laying in their coffins.
I have a dream of flowering shrubs.
Trees in blossom, and grass swaying in the breeze.
What I dream is a beautiful picture,
No hospitals, just health,
No poverty, just wealth.
I have a dream.

Flowering shrubs, ladies and gentlemen! Flowering shrubs.

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