The Week in Bentos: December 20-23, 2011

by Wendy Copley on December 28, 2011

Hey lunch packers! We’ve been sticking around the house for the most part over Christmas break so I haven’t been packing very many lunches. I have to admit I’ve been enjoying the break from hectic mornings and the scramble to find things to pack in bento boxes. Last week Augie was in preschool though so I did put a few meals together for him. Let’s do a little catch-up and take a look at the lunches I made him.


Preschool Bento #199

Tuesday I packed canned peaches that I’d rinsed and drained thoroughly, a dinner roll, carrots, sugar snap peas and a few homemade meatballs that I made using this recipe from A Year of Slowcooking.


Preschool Bento #200

Wednesday I got a little festive and made a tofu Christmas tree with a cookie cutter and some food-safe markers, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, and a piece of corn bread.


Preschool Bento #201

Thurday’s lunch was packed in the kitty bento box (similar to these panda, frog, and piggy bento boxes): grapes, dinner roll, holiday gold fish crackers, tomatoes, ham and sugar snap peas.


Preschool Bento #202

And finally on Friday, I included red and green Christmas veggies (tomatoes and snap peas), a pb&j gingerbread man and more holiday goldfish crackers.

Are you on a break too? Have you been packing lunches?

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  • Wendy, I have no idea what happened, but you are not showing up in my blog reader anymore.  I keep thinking, “what? those boys don’t need lunches anymore?”  and then “I wonder if something happened…I wonder if she’s okay”  and then, just now, as I stall bathtime for stinky boys, I get on your website and see that you are fine and dandy…lunches are packed as normal…it’s my blog reader I need to worry about. 

    so, um.  There’s that.  🙂  I’ll look into it!

  • Margaret

    I’m a new(ish) reader and see baked tofu in your lunch posts. Just curious how you typically do that. My little one (17 months) isn’t wild about meat but loves tofu and flavor! Do you marinate it for your boys?

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