40th Year Project: Part 4

by Wendy Copley on December 12, 2011

I’m still working on my big 40th year album and it’s time to give you update #4! I’ve been having a ton of fun doing this project. I know I say that every time I give an update, but it’s true! I find memories are triggered by tiny little things — conversations with my kids, photos I find in boxes, random links on the internet. And approaching it one story at a time makes it feel manageable.

Here’s what I’ve been working on the past few weeks:

40th Year Project, Part 3

This page tells these stories:

  • A photo of me from a few months ago
  • A print-out of a Miss Piggy poster that I had hanging on the wall of my bedroom through most of elementary school (triggered, of course, by the new Muppet movie)
  • A bit about my fairly unusual name
  • A photo of my friends and me when we were on the high school track team
  • A photo of me with my lovely cousin, Jessica
  • My mom and dad
  • The story of my love for Amelia Peabody books

40th Year Project, Part 3

The other side of the layout was filled with this stuff:

  • A photo of me in front of one of the Great Pyramids. I accidentally wrote the journaling card that explains this photo in a vertical format when the photo slot was horizontal, but it was no biggie — I just slipped it in sideways. No stress.
  • Next to that there’s a photo of me in the only suit I’ve ever owned.
  • A postcard of my all time favorite kind of candy, only available in England
  • A picture of my with my aunt and uncle
  • A photo of me in LA taken the year after Zach and I got married.

40th Year Project, Part 3

This spread is a little different because I made a special 6×12 inch layout and stuck it in the middle. The left side shows:

  • A photo of me from the years where I died my hair red all the time.
  • One of me with my prom date
  • A truly fantastic photo of my brother, cousin and me sledding. I’m making a horrible face and our winter clothes are of a beautiful early 80’s vintage.
  • A photo I took with Cookie Monster and Elmo at BlogHer this year.

40th Year Project, Part 3

I had a few 5×7’s portraits from my bigger roles in high school plays that wouldn’t fit in the slots in the page protectors I’m using so I made this simple layout to include them and talk about my time doing drama as an extra-curricular activity. You can see the front and the back in the image above.

40th Year Project, Part 3

The other side of this page includes:

  • A photo of me with memorable college friend — this was a little tag I made for a mini album that I never finished a few years ago.
  • A list of things I’m thankful for. On Thanksgiving day I posted a sentence or two about things I was thankful for on Facebook every few hours. Afterwards I copied them all into photoshop and added in a few more to include in this book.
  • A photo of me with a couple of friends I hung out with the summer between high school and college.
  • A cute 10 year old photo of me and Zach
  • A little bit about how I’m nosy and enjoy watching my neighbors. Judge me if you must, but I find people interesting!

40th Year Project, Part 3

This last layout is another one where I inserted a bigger item in a page protector.

40th Year Project, Part 3

The left side holds:

  • A valentine Zach made me a few years ago
  • My student ID from college
  • A photo I found of the bulletin board in my bedroom that I took some time during my junior year of high school.
  • A picture of the cook book bookshelf in our living room. I have a bit of a problem.
  • A story about how I slept on a waterbed for my entire childhood.
  • An Incredibooth photo I took last month.

I made the bulletin board and cook book journaling cards using Project Life Cobalt collection digital journaling cards. I bought the cards from the Clementine collection too, and I like those so much that I think I’m going to buy the paper version of the collection to use in this album. I think I’m going to do a Project 365 album again next year after taking a break in 2011, so I’ll use them in that album too.

40th Year Project, Part 3

The insert is some paperwork from my pregnancy with Augie. Early on, a test result came back showing that he had a chromosomal trisomy. After many more tests, it was determined to be a false alarm — thank goodness — but it was a time of my life that was totally and completely horrible. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me to look at this, but I have to include some of these things in order to paint a full picture of what my life has been like. The back side of this shows more of the paperwork.

40th Year Project, Part 3

The final page has this stuff:

  • A photo with my brother when I was 3 and he was 6
  • My favorite way to eat mac and cheese — with tuna and peas
  • Princess Leia as Rosie the Riveter which is awesome in so very many ways
  • A bit about my love for Christmas socks
  • A few scraps of paper I found in a box — ticket stubs for Weezer and Beck concerts and a poem my aunt included with a Christmas gift many years ago.
  • And finally, the neon sign for the bar my friends and I went to pretty much every weekend when we were in our mid-20’s.

Interested in seeing more of this project? Check out these other posts:

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  • Does that Weezer ticket stub say “2 drink minimum”???

  • Love it. Really glad you didn’t go with Cyberstein as your family name because I would have been too intimidated to befriend you.

  • That’s right. I think that was the policy at the Fillmore for every show I went to there. No one enforced it though.

  • Ha! I’m glad we didn’t go with Cyberstein for a variety of reasons….

  • Brooklynne

    I do love theses posts!

  • Thanks!

  • I am going to start my 40 project in January after the hubbub of Christmas is gone.  I have really enjoyed your posts so far.  I was really moved by your labwork from Augie, we had a very similar experience with our second babe and it was so emotionally intense I can’t describe it to anyone. Thinking of those things make you appreciate how lucky you are. Thanks for baring your soul Wendy.

  • polymathamy

    Comfort food in my family is 1 box mac n cheese, cooked per directions, mixed with 1 can tuna and 1 can campbells cheddar cheese soup (undiluted). Eat right away with peas, or spread in 8×8 casserole dish, top with crumbled saltines, bake until bubbly, serve with peas 🙂

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  • I love, love, love, love this project.
    I love how hodge-podge it is. I love that you skip around in time through your life, that it’s not in chronilogical order. I love that you are using your handwriting and that it’s in various stages of messiness. 🙂  I love how real it all is. What a treasure you are creating!

    The CVS test made my heart squeeze. I went through something similar during Tyler’s pregnancy – though I declined the amnio because the risks were too high for me – I had already lost Tyler’s twin. It was awful beyond description. So many monkey wrenches were thrown into that pregnancy, it defied my ability to comprehend. I’m still not at a point I can think about it fully, or preserve those experiences through journaling, without feeling all that dread and anxiety and fear all over again. It’s so much easier to push it away and try to forget. But, those experience contribute to the people, mothers, we are. Good for you for including it. You are my role model. 🙂

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  • Such a fabulous idea – I love how you’re memorializing all the little details of life!

  • Such a fabulous idea – I love how you’re memorializing all the little details of life!

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