40th Year Project: Part 3

by Wendy Copley on November 17, 2011

It’s time for another update on my 40th year album! I’ve been trucking along with it and I have a few more pages to share.

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

In addition to filling the small slots in the Project Life photo sleeves, I’ve begun adding in larger pieces of paper and mementos I’ve found in storage. So far, most of these larger items have been slipped into standard 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors and just stuck right into my binder in the pages I’m currently filling up.

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

One of the first items I found was a copy of the menu from my college graduation dinner. I must have mentioned the occasion when I made the reservation because the restaurant put a note at the top congratulating me.

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

The other items on this page include:

  • A photo of some college friends taken just before we headed out to one of the big fancy dances.
  • A photo of my cousin and me at Burning Man
  • A print-out of the original Wendolonia website header (from around 1997!)
  • A senior photo and some memories of one of my best friends from jr. high and high school
  • A photo showing that I have the same sized feet as Frank Sinatra
  • The back side of my pre-college reading list.

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

My junior and senior years I worked as one of the coordinators for my college’s student orientation and this sheet shows the logo my co-worker and I designed for all the printed materials and t-shirts. It’s pretty good, don’t you think? The other side has:

  • A list of the websites I visit most frequently (printed from Ella Publishing’s List It! Everyday Life Edition)
  • My first grade school picture and some memories about the dress I’m wearing
  • A photo of me with my mom, Grandma and aunts
  • An ode to my pencil sharpener
  • A photo from a typically freezing SF Bay Area 4th of July

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

For the next spread I tried something a little different and I made a themed page. This one is about my politics. While I like the randomness of the rest of my book, I think I’m going to do a few more pages like this that center around a more concrete topic. I’m already gathering photos to do a page about all the homes I’ve lived in through the years.

40th Birthday Project, Part 3

The smaller page protector in the middle of this spread holds a card my amazingly talented Aunt Judy made me for my college graduation.

40th Birthday Album

The next page has:

  • My recipe for pumpkin pie oatmeal
  • A self-portrait from a few years ago
  • A photo that Wyatt took of me washing dishes and a note about how I spend half of my life at that sink
  • My bento boxes.

40th Birthday Album

OK, here’s the last spread I completed!

40th Birthday Album

Here we have:

  • A photo of me taken at the state fair a few weeks before my wedding
  • Some writing about my love of roller coasters with a bonus drawing
  • My homecoming dance photo from 1988 (there’s a weird reflection on the photo)
  • Another self-portrait
  • A picture my mom took of me in Monterey 20 years ago

40th Birthday Album

This is another wonderful treasure. I wrote this list in 1996 (I’m guessing) loooong before I started scrapbooking. I have no idea what prompted me to write it, but it perfectly captures a very specific time in my life. A few of the items refer to things I don’t remember (Why on earth was I dry heaving over the kitchen sink all the time?? Gross!) but most of them took me back in time as I read them. I’m so happy I have this!

40th Birthday Album

The flip-side holds another find from my big box of sentimental junk. It’s printed from a web site where you enter your birth date and it compares your age to a list of celebrities. It also tells you how old you were when certain historical events occurred. Now I know that Jesse Ventura is 21 years older than me, and so do you!

40th Birthday Album

The final page holds these goodies:

  • A picture of me that Zach took in Hawaii
  • A photo of Zach at a fancy restaurant on our 10th anniversary along with a note about how much I love going out for fancy dinners
  • A list of my all-time favorite teachers (the card was printed from Ella Publishing’s List It! Childhood Edition e-book)
  • A photo of Zach and me wearing the tin foil hats I made us
  • A note about my love for Castle (it was a rerun this week! Grrrr!)
  • A photo Wyatt took of me when I was scolding him one day and a note about how I’m sometimes a mean mom.

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  • Love love love this. So much that I have told someone I’ve never met whose parents are friends with my husband’s parents about it. I’m a crazy Internet girl.

  • OK, crazy Internet girl — now I want you to make one! No pressure, but I’ll help you if you want.

  • Melissa Mayo

    Well, you are awesome! I love this and want one of my very own, but it will never happen! GREAT job!!

  • Amy B

    Found your site from a link from Becky Higgins website. Love your album. Just got my Project Life stuff and totally want to do a childhood album as well as a college days album and love the way you put your album together! Thanks for the inspiration. Look forward to seeing more! 

  • AKD

    I love this too! I used to be really into scrapbooking in my youth and your project is reminding me that I’d like to get back into it. I love that there is a combo of random things and “themed” pages. When I did scrapbooking I used to be so rigid about everything in chronological order… you should see my high school scrapbooks. EVERY SINGLE article written about my basketball team in the local paper is in there. Embarrassing since I rarely even got a mention. Once my life is less crazy and I’m not working until midnight regularly, it would be fun to have a scrapbooking circle! To start you could show me your system in person. I’m inspired!!!

  • AKD

    I also love that it’s just a snapshot in time … “this is who I am at 40” … takes away the pressure I feel to document every month of every year with SOMETHING on a page.

  • Annika, I would LOVE that. Let’s try to make it work!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this idea! I think I’ve said that before. But I do.

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  • OMG! I just noticed my blog is on your list of websites you visit. In your special book! My head just inflated two sizes bigger!

  • You know it, lady!

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