The Week in Bentos: August 23-26, 2011 — Back to School!

by Wendy Copley on August 26, 2011

Waaaahooooo! We are back to school!

Well, sort of. Wyatt is officially back, but Augie is still easing into preschool a few hours per day. I’m hoping he’ll be ready to stay through lunch time at some point next week but his preschool director likes to go slooooow, so we’ll see.

Shall we get to the lunches? I think we shall!


Big Kid Bento #466: Angry Birds!!

The first day of school called for a slightly special luncheon: ABC Cheez-its, caramel waffle cookies, dill pickles (wrapped up with plastic wrap so pickle juice didn’t get all over everything), bluberries, a mini bagel with cream cheese and an Angry Bird Babybel cheese.

What’s that? You’d like to see a close-up of that awesome cheese bird? Here you go!

Angry Bird

Mr. Angry is made from a Babybel, cheddar cheese, jack cheese and a little nori. I lifted the idea, design and technique for this little guy 100% from Cute Food for Kids. This was way more work than I typically put into a lunch, but I wanted Wyatt to have something special for his first day of school. I glued the face on with honey, but unfortunately Wyatt reported that it didn’t stay on until lunch. I think I need to work on my technique a little. Suggestions?


Second Grader Bento #467

Wyatt went cuckoo for the bagel I put in his lunch on Tuesday so he asked for two bagels on Wednesday. I also sent along strawberries, tiny little tomatoes from our garden and Scrabble Cheez-its. This lunch was packed in an Easy Lunchbox.


2nd Grade Bento #468

Thursday I packed separate boxes for snack and lunch. Wyatt’s snack was cinnamon pita chips and grapes. His lunch was a big pile o’ strawberries, tiny little cocktail wieners, and a mini hamburger bun with homemade raspberry jam on it. I wrote “Let it rip!” on the bun to honor Wyatt’s Beyblade obsession. It’s the little things…


Second Grade Bento #469

Today’s luncheon was a ham sandwich, strawberries, grapes, and more of those cinnamon pita chips.

Second Grade Bento #469: All Packed Up

Here’s what it looked like packed into the lunch bag. I put this into our thermal Laptop Lunch bag. Since that report about unsafe lunchbox temperatures came out earlier this month, I’ve decided to put more ice packs in the lunch bags so there are two in there. I also put the water bottle in the freezer for a while to cool it down even more. And finally, I put a couple rubber bands around the Easy Lunchbox to ensure it stays closed.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Jess

    LOVE the angry bird!! My son would flip for that! This is his first year eating lunch at school (kindergarten!!) so we are pretty new to the bento concept. I’m kind of disappointed in his school- they require that all snacks be in completely disposable packaging/ziploc bags, and now they have told me not to send any food on food picks because they will cause problems in the lunchroom with the other kids. Have you heard anything like this before?

  • Ugh! Yes, I have. This is waaaay more common than you would think.

  • oh man, Wendy.  That angry bird is adorable.  Who cares if it fell apart?!?  You made it and got a photo of it!  (that’s what I tell myself about my stuff, anyway…see if it works for you!)

  • Tiffany

    Hi Wendy, thank you so much for the link. I’m so glad you like my Angry bird idea. If you do try again next time, use cream cheese as glue. It might work better.
    Have a nice weekend 😀

  • Tiffany

    Wow…that’s something I’ve never heard. I can understand their concern for picks, but asking people to use completely disposable bags is unbelievable! It should be totally opposite!

  • Tiffany — I should be thanking you for your great idea! I gasped when I saw it because it was so stinkin’ cute! I’ll give cream cheese a try next time.

  • I am so excited to find your blog!  I was on pinterest late last night and someone pinned the ivory soap post so I came over for details on that and lucky me, I found someone who has the coolest bento posts ever!  I ordered 3 from the site All Things for Sale and can’t wait for them to get here.  I first heard about bentos last year ( I live in a small community in MI.)  and tried to make a lunch that resembled one for my kids.  NOw I can!  I am going to show my 2 youngest your bento gallery so that we can get some great ideas for their lunches.  Thank you!

  • Autumn

    Hi Wendy!  I asked this question somewhere else but I can’t find it so I apologize if you already answered it!!
    First of all I LOVE you site (and the cool name!)!  I’m new to the bento world and have found many sites but yours is definitely my favorite!  Now for my question, I was wondering about the rice balls/shapes!  How do you make them and are they only plain white rice?  I can’t imagine the kids eating plain white rice, but if yours do I will ask mine to give it a try!  Thats our rule- if I make these awesome lunches they have to try everything!  So far they are!  Thanks so much and keep up the good work, momma! 🙂

  • Hi Autumn! I answered your question about rice balls on the Horizon post, but it was a few days later so it was easy to miss. I generally pack two kinds of rice balls in my kids’ lunches. The brown-ish ones are purchased at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section. They are white rice with soy sauce on the outside. The white ones I make myself out of plain long-grain white rice that is leftover from dinner. I pack it tightly into the rice molds and my younger son eats it plain and cold. My older son never, ever eats rice if I put it in his lunch box.

    It’s worth noting that I don’t make my onigiri (rice balls) traditionally. They are usually made with lightly salted sushi rice. Here is a great tutorial:

  • LOL, I’ve been reading articles on lunchrooms going green and not allowing ANYTHING disposable in:  ziploc bags, individual packages of cheez-its, animal crackers, etc!

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  • Christie Savage

    You could glue it on with honey before you cut the babybel. Do this the night before, place into a bag and put it into the fridge. It would probably last a little longer if the honey was cold when it was put into the lunch. Just a thought. 🙂

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