Back to School? Who in the what now?

by Wendy Copley on July 5, 2011

Yes. I’m going to do it. I’m going to start talking about back-to-school!

It feels like summer vacation just began, but as I look at our packed summer calendar, I can already see the first day of school creeping up on us. And this year I have two kids going to school. That’s right — Wyatt will be a second-grader and Augie is starting preschool.

As part of our family’s back to school preparations, I’m going to be partnering with Horizon Organics to act as a community leader in the Horizon Healthy Families Back To School Community (hosted by The Blog Frog). I will be joining ten other community leaders to talk about all sorts of back to school topics. We will discuss lunch, of course, but also healthy snacks, family dinner, organizing tips and — in a nod to the fact that it’s still July — we’ll chat about summer fun, too. I’ve already asked about what organic foods people buy and I’d love it if you joined in to share your experience and insights!

Beyond the regular discussions there are two pretty sweet things happening with the community:

  1. Back to School Launch Party, July 14th from 9-10pm EDT/6-7pm PDT — We’ll share lots of great back to school tips plus there were be chances to win gift certificates and other prizes.
  2. There is also a $500 Target Shopping Spree grand prize! Be sure to enter to win that one!

I hope to see you in the community!

Disclosure:I buy and enjoy Horizon products, but you should know I’m being compensated for the time commitment of acting as a community leader for the Horizon Back-to-School Community. You can be assured that my opinions and comments will be unedited though.

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