Lemon Cucumber Water

by Wendy Copley on June 21, 2011

Lemon Cucumber Water

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in the San Francisco Bay Area…sort of. It’s hot for us, but to people who live in other parts of the country it probably wouldn’t seem too bad. In fact, if I told some of you that it was 83 degrees here today, I’m sure you’d laugh at me. Perhaps you might even scoff.

Everything is relative though, right? And to us, it’s pretty hot!

So, yesterday, I decided to jazz up my water with slices of cucumber and lemon. I’ve had this mixture before the few times I’ve visited spas and it always feels so indulgent.

But is it really indulgent?

No. No, it is not. It’s easy and cheap. All I did was add a few thin slices of cucumber and lemon to a big honkin’ cup of water. Throw in some ice and it’s cool and refreshing. The best part is that you can keep adding water and ice on top of the mixture as the day goes on and the cukes and lemon will continue to flavor everything.

All you hot climate people aren’t scoffing any more, are you?

Lemon Cucumber Water

I also want to take this opportunity to talk about my cup a little, because I love it dearly.* Oh yes — I went there. I’m going to tell you about my love for a plastic cup!

I drink tons of ice water every day. Tons! And I always drink my water out of a big cup with a straw. And my two-year-old always spots my straw, squeals, grabs for it and knocks my cup over. We are very good at mopping up water spills around these parts.

Then a few months ago, I found this Copco 24-Ounce tumbler at my local Joann Fabric. (Why do fabric stores carry reusable cups? I don’t know. It’s a mystery!) It was ginormous and came in a range of colors and in addition to a built in straw, it had a lid! I swear to you, I heard angels singing.

I resisted buying it for a few visits because it was $6 and to me that seemed like a lot to pay for a cup but then thankfully, Santa put one in my stocking at Christmas. (How did he know I wanted one? I don’t know. It’s a mystery!) I’ve been drinking out of it every day since then and I love it so much that I eventually bought myself a second one. Now I can have one in the dishwasher and one in my hand and I don’t have to hand wash either of them. Hand washing things is something I avoid whenever possible.

So there you have it. Reusable 24 oz tumbler with lid = wonder product.

You’re welcome!

*This is not a sponsored post — I’m voluntarily waxing poetic about a cup — but if you follow the link above to Amazon and buy something I’ll get a small percentage of the purchase price as affiliate revenue. You probably already figured that out though.

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  • I bought a reusable plastic tumbler at Jamba Juice and I LOVE it!! I drink tons of water and needed a clear beverage-type-thing for work but didn’t want a Nalgene bottle because I hate having to unscrew/ rescrew the lid back on and these plastic tumblers w/ straws are PERFECT!!!

  • Michele Lancaster

    I love that cup too! Mine is orange and my daughter has a pink one. Gotta try your lemon and cucumber water. Sounds very refreshing.

  • I had lemon, cucumber, lime water at a fancy day spa once. It was so refreshing!

  • Grammy

    But doesn’t washing in the dishwasher take away the clarity of the cup — I mean, it looks like glass etched all over?  Just wondering, because your picture looks so GOOD, and my experience with plastic glasses is that they’re ugly after only a couple of washings.

  • Alyssa Gale

    I love you and your verbose love for random objects, like cups. And pectin.  I found you today while looking for some labels for the lemon-lime marmalade I made last night and I haven’t stopped reading (despite the pile of work building in my inbox – I’m here at work, see) or laughing out loud.

    Thanks for the perspective, ideas, downloads and general amusement!

  • Celeste

    I’m a big water drinker too!  And if $6 was hard to consider, I probably shouldn’t even suggest these, but the price tag is sooo worth it in that these are completely leak proof!  I love being able to throw it in my purse/diaper bag and have no worries.  They are super durable too, my daughter has dropped or thrown both mine and hers on any hard surface you can think of.


  • I have the orange one too!

  • Nope — I know what you mean about the etched glass look, but that hasn’t happened with this one at all. The cup in the picture above has gone into the dishwasher every other day for the last 6 months and it still looks that good.

  • Thanks for stopping by! I want to make some lemon lime marmalade now. Yum!

  • Courtney Beck

    ^_^ I also love these Copco cups. We currently own 4 of them; Pink, Brown, Blue, and Orange. I run them all through the dish washer and they come out great. I actually am of the mind that scrubbing with a rough sponge causes that milky look.
    I use one each morning for my fiance’s iced tea (he drinks green tea with breakfast) and I use one for my water while working out.

    When school is in I take coffee with me to class and I use a different cup by Tervis. They have double walled cups that are also dishwasher safe. Plus the one I have is a pretty cherry blossom design =D

  • Grammy

    I’m gonna get several of those cups, then!  Seriously.  Thanks for the reply and for the picture that makes me want a nice tall glass of water with lemon and cucumber. 

  • Anne

    Well.. I think 83 degrees is pretty hot.. Here in Holland it doesn’t really get that hot a lot.. 😛

  • Sarah

    My sister bought me this cup (one very similar, anyway) two weeks ago when we went to visit our mother together, as a, “Yay!  We’re on vacation!” present.  Then, the last time I was at the grocery store, my one-year old threw it out of the shopping cart at the register and it broke when it fell on the floor.  I can still use it, but the outer insulation part came off and the lid has a chip. 🙁 Very sad, because I had been wanting one for awhile.  But…it really is an awesome cup!

  • Donna Rygiel

    If you think that cup is good, you would LOVE a Tervis tumbler.  They are double wall insulated and keep ice from melting for a long time.  I’ve been using them for years, but they are just now getting uber popular.  They are a splurge, but SO worth it.  They sell individual Tervis tumblers at Bed Bath & Beyond these days.  http://www.tervis.com/Main.aspx

  • polymathamy

    My mom requested for Mother’s Day a tumbler from Walmart – it looks to be the same size as this one, but it has gel walls so you can put it in the freezer to keep your drink extra cold! And only $5 🙂

  • Dj

    I love all the cups described but I wonder about the hygiene of reusing a straw. Does anyone have an opinion on that? I’d welcome any thoughts. I use my blender shake bottle with the metal ball mixer thing removed for lemon/cucmber water. Also, tervis tumblers are guaranteed for life!

  • emilytotton

    cucumber and lemon good for health.


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