Summer Fun: Beach

by Wendy Copley on June 16, 2011

The boys and I decided to kick off summer vacation with a bang, so we headed out to the beach first thing. I didn’t want to drive too far, so I decided on Rodeo beach in the Marin headlands.

Rodeo Beach

One of the coolest things about this beach is the sand. Rather than the standard brown, white and black rocks, it’s made up of rocks of many different colors including jade, black agate, and jasper. My crappy camera phone does not do it justice. Take a look at this photo to get a better idea of how pretty it is. We primarily stayed on the sandy portion of the beach, but there are areas that are heavy with a gazillion pretty pebbles too.

Rodeo Beach

Wyatt immediately ran down to the water and spent most of our visit chasing waves. Despite the sweatshirt-mandatory temperatures he got completely soaked. Augie was completely freaked out by the noise of the ocean and he wouldn’t go anywhere near the water. I tried holding his hand and even holding him in my arms but he was much happier parked on the blanket.

Rodeo Beach

After a while Wyatt and I coaxed him down to the wet sand (still well away from the waves though) and we all had fun digging holes and making drip castles.

Rodeo Beach

Augie particularly liked making structures with the bucket and then stomping them.

Rodeo Beach

On our way out, we stopped to admire the lagoon and some amazingly pretty wildflowers.

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  • Sarah

    What a pretty beach!  Here in Jax Beach, FL, I can’t imagine swimming with mountains in the background đŸ™‚

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