The Week in Bentos: May 23-27, 2011

by Wendy Copley on May 27, 2011


Monday morning we were all still exhausted from Maker Faire and we overslept so I had Wyatt buy lunch at school.


Toddler Bento #115: May 24, 2011

On Tuesday, Augie’s lunch had watermelon cut into teddy bear shapes (with some regular square chunks underneath), leftover salmon from dinner, peas and some rice that I molded into bunny shapes. The faces were punched out of sushi wrappers with these punches.

This lunch was notable for a few reasons. First off, Augie didn’t eat the salmon and it came home with his lunch box. This is extremely rare because he always eats everything in his lunch. I think this might only be the second or third time food has come home from day care! I was a little surprised because he happily ate it at dinner the night before.

The other interesting thing about this lunch (at least to me) was that Augie talked about it in the car on the way home from day care! He’s just now starting to become a conversationalist so I’m still delighted when he brings things up without a lot of leading questions. When I asked him what he did at baby school, he told me “Yummy lunch, Mama! I ate teddy bears. And binnies! I ate ’em up!”

1st Grade Bento #455: May 24, 2011

Wyatt’s lunch had a chunk of grilled corn on the cob from dinner on Monday, blueberries and raspberries, pretzel sticks, a sandwich cookie that I made with vanilla wafers and some homemade jam and Boba Fett ham sandwiches.

He didn’t eat the corn which surprised me because he loves corn on the cob. When I asked him why, he told me that one of the kids at his lunch table gave him crap about having corn on the cob in his lunch box. Grrrrrr! Apparently “J” only likes corn off the cob so he told Wyatt he was weird for liking it. I could tell Wyatt was upset about it so we talked about how it’s not cool to criticize the foods that other people eat and that when someone does that you should just ignore them or tell them, “don’t yuck my yum!”

Also, right now I’m wishing desperately that I had a Han Solo cookie cutter so I could tell you that I packed Ham Solo sandwiches.  Just so you know.


Toddler Bento #116: May 25, 2011

On Wednesday, Augie got the Panda Bento Box. He had some of that same leftover corn, blueberries and raspberries, more rice bunnies, grape tomatoes and deli ham roll-ups.

1st Grade Bento #456: May 25, 2011

Wyatt also had ham roll-ups, along with a garlic naan catsup sandwich, pretzel sticks, and mixed berries. This lunch was packed in an EasyLunchbox.


1st Grader Bento #457: May 26, 2011

On Thursday, I sent Wyatt’s lunch in the Laptop Lunch Box. There was cantaloupe, garlic toast stars, raspberries, baked teriyaki tofu cut with the Batman cutter and a few grape tomatoes to keep the tofu in place.


1st Grader Bento #458: May 27, 2011

Today’s lunch was some leftover pasta in the Cars thermos, a yogurt squeezer, and some cantaloupe and raspberries.

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