My Strawberry Shortcake Collection — The Play Sets

by Wendy Copley on April 14, 2011

Berry Bake Shop Box

After yesterday’s Strawberry Shortcake doll extravaganza, I’m sure you are dying to see my Strawberry Shortcake play sets now!


Let’s start with Flutterby the Butterfly! This is one of the most fantastic of the transportation methods in Strawberry Land! Two dolls can sit in seats that are jammed into poor Flutterby’s back. If you roll it along the floor the wings go up and down. You can also make the wings go by pulling a red trigger near the back. Unfortunately when I pulled the seats out after taking this picture, I broke the posts  on both of them. Bummer.


I also had the Carousel. Four dolls can sit in the little seats and then you can push the plunger on the top down to make it spin in much the same way you would a top. Something has happened to this over the years to make it a little fussy, but it still works if you push the plunger just right.

Snail Cart with Escargot the Snail

This next set is one of my very favorites! I liked it a lot as a kid, but now as an adult I think it’s very clever. The set is called The Snail Cart with Escargot. Escargot would be the snail, in case you hadn’t quite gotten there. The snail is harnessed to a little cart which has a yellow wagon on it. Four dolls can sit around the edges of the wagon and they’re strapped on with little rubber straps that are a pain in the butt to fasten. A big strawberry fits in the cart. When you run the snail across the floor, his head moves from side to side.

Snail Cart with Escargot the Snail

OK, here’s the clever part! If you take the cart off the harness and turn it upside-down it becomes a picnic table complete with berry cute sticker place mats. Then, if you take the lid off the giant strawberry, you can stick it on a post (not pictured in the first photo) and turn it into an umbrella. The strawberry is filled up with strawberry ice cream, two plates and two individual scoops of ice cream. It also has two spoons, but I lost one.

The Berry Bake Shop

OK, now it’s time to pull out the big guns: The Berry Bake Shoppe!

The Berry Bake Shop

If you open the Berry Bake Shoppe, it reveals a garden, bakery, and sales counter. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

The Berry Bake Shop

To start, Strawberry Shortcake waters the garden. When it was new, you could push down on the big leaf which would compress some foam. Then the foam would slowly expand again and it would look like the strawberries were growing. After 30 years the foam has rotted though, so the strawberries are always down now. This is the only part of my set that’s broken or missing as far as I can tell.

The Berry Bake Shop

After the strawberries have grown, Strawberry Shortcake picks a giant berry and puts it in her basket.

The Berry Bake Shop

Next she cooks the berry up in a big pot on the stove.

The Berry Bake Shop

She also bakes off a pie shell and a shortcake in the dual ovens.

The Berry Bake Shop

And finally she concocts a giant strawberry, whipped cream, shortcake-pie extravaganza! I think it looks berry delicious!

The Berry Bake Shop

When you’re not using the various pieces, they can be stored on the shelves of the sales counter.

Berry Bake Shop price list

Here is another gem I found  at the bottom of the Berry Bake Shoppe box. This is a price list for the various items offered for sale in the shop. This isn’t my handwriting, so I’m guessing it was written out by my bestie, Nancy. She perfected that fantastic, bubbly handwriting that I tried so hard — but failed — to achieve.

I love this list! Strawberries were used as currency in Strawberry Land, of course, so we carefully wrote out both the dollar and strawberry prices. This was necessary so we could keep the complex 1:1 conversion rate straight in our heads. I also like the completely random prices we assigned to the various fruits offered for sale. For example the raspberries, huckleberries and blueberries cost a mere half strawberry while the lemons were fairly expensive at 5 strawberries. And the “P. Pies” boasted a stunningly high price of 50 strawberries! What the heck was baked into those pies?

If you want to see the full set of photos (including all the boxes which are kind of fun but kind of repetitive) you can visit my Strawberry Shortcake set on Flickr.

Thanks for indulging me!

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