The Week in Bentos: January 24-28, 2011

by Wendy Copley on January 28, 2011


1st Grader Snack #149: January 24, 2011

On Monday, my six-year-old had a thermos full of spaghetti for his primary lunch dish. I sent along this snack box to supplement it and so he’d have something to eat at morning recess. It had a clementine (I wrote his name on it with food-safe markers), cubes of jack cheese and some mini pepperonis.


Monday the weather here was ridiculously nice, so the kids and I spent hours in the back yard playing. I took the camera out with me to take pictures and then I forgot it and left it outside overnight! Aaagh! I didn’t realize until Tuesday morning and when I dashed out to get it it was completely soaked with dew. I stuck it in a big bowl rice to dry it out and it worked! Phwew!

The whole reason I’m telling you this is to explain why I took Tuesday’s pictures with my phone.

Toddler Bento #85: January 25, 2011

My toddler’s lunch contained blueberries (I caved and bought them again. Bad locavore! Bad!), cubes of baked tofu, broccoli leftover from dinner, and cubes of leftover baked potato sprinkled with bacon pieces. (Monday’s dinner was loaded baked potatoes. I forgot what an easy and good dinner that is.)

First Grade Bento #411: January 25, 2011

Wyatt’s lunch had baked tortilla chips, blueberries, grapes, baked teriyaki tofu that I cut and decorated with food markers, a crumpet cut into pieces and a bit of lemon curd in the yellow container. This was packed in the Laptop Lunchbox.


Toddler Bento #86: January 26, 2011

Augie’s lunch on Wednesday was the last bit of the leftover broccoli, diced ham, rice, grapes and corn.

First Grade Bento #412: January 26, 2011

Wyatt had Star Wars shaped ham sandwiches, pretzel sticks, blueberries and grapes. This was packed in an Easy Lunchbox.


This was school lunch day. Wyatt picked it because they were serving pizza. It was also pajama day for Spirit Week and it was his turn with the Star Wars Lego book during free reading, so Thursday was pronounced “The Best Day Ever”.


First Grade Bento #413: January 28, 2011

Friday’s lunch was a mini hamburger bun, chopped dill pickle (I put a lid on the container so pickle juice wouldn’t go everywhere), clementine wedges, grapes and all natural, nitrate and nitrite free, hippie-approved, turkey hot dogs. I made the hot dogs into heart shapes by cutting the ends off at an angle and putting them together with a decorative pick/cupid’s arrow. I lifted this idea straight out of this month’s Family Fun magazine and can take absolutely no credit for it. Isn’t it cute?

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