Giveaway: Clearing out the Cupboards

by Wendy Copley on January 24, 2011

Clearing out the cupboards

As part of my de-cluttering efforts, I have decided to pare back my bento supplies a bit, and you — yes, YOU — could be the lucky beneficiary of my over consumption! A few days ago, I checked on the Wendolonia Facebook group to see if anyone would be interested in taking some of my gently used supplies and open packages and I got an over-whelming “yes!” for an answer. So I culled my collection and put together four little packages of goodies (pictured above).

Each packet includes:

  • some sort of shaping device (cutters or molds)
  • some food cups
  • an open package of food dividers
  • a mini sauce bottle
  • an envelope full of decorative picks

Please keep in mind that these are not brand new supplies, but everything is clean. The food dividers and paper cups are from packages that have been opened, but the contents themselves have never been used.

If you are interested in receiving some of these supplies please leave a comment below telling me your bento, lunch-packing or general food challenges by Tuesday, January 25 at 11:59 pm PST. I will select 4 comments at random and drop the packages in the mail. I’m so sorry, but I can only ship to U.S. addresses as I am paying for shipping out of my own pocket.

Thanks and good luck!

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  • I read your blog every day!! LOVE your creativity in lunch packing~and while my kids are grown up, I try to make my daily lunch fun~which is sometimes a challenge πŸ˜‰ thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Great giveaway! I do a lot of muffin tin meals, but I would love to try my hand at true Bento. I have one bento box (that I’m not totally sure how to use!), but I don’t have much in the way of accessories for cutting and separating foods. It seems that my biggest challenge is getting started!

  • My challenge of late has been keeping a variety of foods. It’s a very cold / snowy winter here in CT and I am missing the variety of foods (especially fruit!) that summer brings. We sometimes indulge in frozen fruits but it’s just not the same. We’re getting a little tired of oranges and apples!

  • Teal

    Oh what fun! My biggest food challenge? The options, or lack of, for yummy good for you treats in our area! I’m always on the look out for new snacks, and love your ideas!

  • Oh so cool.

    My biggest challenge… coming up with more protein ideas that my son will actually eat.

  • Traceypa

    I have a hard time finding the time to pack a new interesting lunch every day. Luckily for me, my kid likes PB and J’s a ton.

  • Claire

    My biggest challenge is my sons age, at only 2 1/2 its hard to find a variety of things to pack that he wont just make a complete mess off! I don’t Bento right now, but really would love to be more creative, so some of these goodies would be awesome!

  • Joanna Yael

    My biggest challenge is that my 3 kids do not have a way to warm up their food, so it’s been sandwiches every single day and they only eat: jam, goat cheese, and hummus sandwiches. They don’t eat deli meat, they won’t eat any other cheese (although I copied your cut up cheese stick in a cup to great success!).

  • Janet

    Your blog gives me great ideas for my kids! Thank you! My challenge… to provide variety and healthful meals/snacks and simultaneously be easy to prep. I need to get more creative as my 2.5 and 1 year old are able to eat more and more each day!

  • Jldumm

    OH packing lunch….. The first challenge is selecting the right size container/food. I never know where to start and sometimes have to change out mid-pack. I also struggle with my picky eaters. Sometimes they eat everything i pack and sometimes nothing.

  • Kate

    I have been wanting to pack bento lunches for myself and now that is a NEED to do this. My biggest challenge: just getting started. Wendy, you are a HUGE help and so inspiring! πŸ™‚

  • Kristil

    My biggest challenge is getting foods to be interesting. I’m on a budget and it’s hard to find new ways for food to be fun enough to eat. Love your blog (:

  • Rhea

    My challenge right now is getting my two year old to eat a variety of foods. She’d live off of carbs, protein and fruit if I let her. Trying to come up with delicious, kid friendly veggie dishes that she’ll eat are the hardest part of my day!

  • Liz

    I love sticking to a them with my kids’ bentos. I have trouble finding things that go together and are healthy choices (not candy/cookies.)


    My stumbling block is that I get in a rut. I seem to do the same things often.

  • Donna

    My biggest challenge is there are no stores in my area that sell bento supplies. I’ve bought some online but shipping costs are just a killer. Would love to win some of yours!

  • Honnoria

    Being single, living alone and being celiac, means I have to be creative with what i make and take. I try to cook ahead and not waste food but it can be hard to cook in batches that small. Any hints would be great as would the group of goodies on the top left. πŸ˜‰

  • Kelma

    My biggest chalenge is that I’m always pressed for time, have a picky eater and I’m not as creative as you are, lol. I have your blog saved on my favorites and it has helped me sooooo much! Thank you! =)

  • Kat Lally

    My challenge is the new level of pickiness my 6 year old has entered. She loves the bento and the prettiness of the food so I just have to keep trying. My 2-year old is such a hungry little guy that I barely can cut food before he’s eating it, so not time to make it cute for him yet.

  • Mlh

    Clearly my biggest challenge is not checking your blog often enough. Can’t believe I missed this by 32 minutes!

  • You’re cool — I’m accepting comments until midnight tonight.

  • Summer

    My biggest challenge is trying to find something both of my children will eat for lunch. They are both pretty picky and I always feel like I waste food on them.

  • The challenge I have for bento packing is feeling less creative than I usually do. I look to blogs to get inspiration, though, which helps. πŸ™‚

  • c27

    I just learned about your site from a friend and am loving it! I am always challenged by trying to improve what foods go into my kids. (and staying away from schools hot lunch- YUK!)

  • Food challenges: for crying out loud. It’s not even interesting. I’m bored with it. Basically? I have a very extremely picky eater. Who I don’t think would actually eat at school if I sent cookies and candy, because he’d rather play. Got anything for that? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for a great blog, Wendy.

  • Peeko621

    My biggest challenge is trying to pack lunches that meet the needs of three very different people. My oldest goes to school, has multiple food allergies (eggs, nuts, peaches) and can’t have anything that needs to be heated. My youngest also can’t have anything that needs to be heated up and doesn’t like sandwiches. Dh doesn’t like anything that has been pre-cooked (so no left overs at all). Seriously between the three lunches, it’s amazing I get anything made at all. lol!

  • Julie

    My biggest challenge is packing food tightly enough so it doesn’t move. (or mix up)

  • Diana

    well, i have to pack 2 snacks and a lunch for my preschooler, and i do ok with the lunches but i feel like i give him the same snacks all week! so, need to get more creative with that!

  • Drea5845

    My biggest challenge is packing the lunch. Between everything I have to do during the day and then after cooking dinner the last thing I want to do is to prepare a lunch. Also a challenge would be getting her to eat things that are healthy but still look cute in her box! πŸ™‚

  • Cori

    Inspired by your blog, I have attempted to bento lunches for my pre-school daughter. I have all the “fun” stuff to make it cute, but not the right kind of box to pack it in. So my food is either too loose/rolling around or too full/can’t get the lid on.

  • Tammy S

    I’m so fortunate to have a 4 yr old daughter who is pretty good about trying new things as long as they look reasonably appealing. So my biggest challenge is ME offering new things. I welcome ideas/suggestions on new foods, new presentations, etc which is why I’ve REALLY come to enjoy your blog. I’m a Bento newbie like so many others so your blog has been very helpful. Thanks! And thanks for extending the deadline to midnight. πŸ™‚

  • Daniellecmichael

    variety is my challenge!! My kids basically like the same things over and over again..making it different!

  • Tina

    I have never really made a bento box but I love your blog and the creative meals you make. I’m expecting our first in a few months and can’t wait to pack him some lunches!

  • Saradaniel13

    My biggest challenges are that 1. I’m new to bento (daughter just started preschool) and have a very tight budget and 2. my daughter can’t have dairy and doesn’t like meat so protein is hard to pack. Thanks!

  • Britni

    My food challenges are trying to find easy yet healthy lunch for school, and finding a way for it to appeal to me.

  • Tarbyloo

    My 1st grader likes her lunches to be like the other kids’ Lunchables (which I won’t let her eat). Bento is the best way to do this. She’s also a vegetarian (her choice, not mine) so I am always looking for fun ways to present her short list of acceptable foods. πŸ™‚

  • Erin

    My lunch packing challenge is hoping that my son will bring home all the pieces at the end of the day. We’ve lost many a container/utensil/water bottle, and he’s only halfway through his first year of school!

  • Diem

    I’m new to bento box lunches and really want to learn to do more. However, where I live it’s hard to find supplies. That’s my challenge.

  • My biggest challenge is not waiting until the morning-of to pack my daughter’s lunch!

  • My biggest challenge is a picky 6 year old. If it isn’t what she is used to eating or cute she won’t try it. She likes plain pasta with butter and parm, pb&j, hard boiled eggs, bacon, rice and fresh fruits or veggies. At least she’s open about the fruit and veggies but other than that it’s difficult. She is better with hot food. I may need to branch out into hot bento.

  • Carrie

    Packing hummus! And disguising vegetables so my son will eat them! Look at all of these comments! The world is a-buzz with bento mania! Woot!

  • Melanie

    my biggest challenge is DIP … i don’t have good dip containers for my kiddos. i don’t want to buy a whole laptop lunches set!

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