The Week in Bentos: January 17-21, 2010

by Wendy Copley on January 21, 2011


There was no school Monday because of the holiday, so no lunch.



On Tuesday, my toddler’s lunch was packed with: leftover mustard salmon (recipe from SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue), steamed broccoli, a rice ball and some corn. The salmon was a new recipe I tried and everyone loved it — even a certain fish averse six-year-old!


And that very same six-year-old had leftovers from Sunday night’s dinner: two mini hamburger buns, pulled bbq chicken, “trail mix” (corn Chex and raisins) and apple chunks.



The two-year-old’s lunch was diced roasted chicken, rice, peas and canned pineapple chunks.


Wyatt’s lunch felt like a bit of a hodge-podge: crackers, dill pickle chunks (in a lidded container so pickle juice didn’t go everywhere, a mini hamburger bun, chicken chunks, clementine wedges and pineapple chunks.



Thursday’s lunch mixed geeky universes: jelly sandwiches cut with the Star Wars cutters, blueberries, clementine wedges, baked tofu cut with the Batman cutter, and more blueberries.

Normally I wouldn’t buy blueberries in January because I know they had to have been carted half way around the world to get to us. But when I saw these at Trader Joe’s — and for a reasonable price — I couldn’t resist. We are all getting so sick of apples, bananas and oranges! The kids have been in heaven and have had them for practically every meal since I bought them.



Friday was school lunch day for my first grader, but I sent a snack with him. It held crackers, blueberries and mini pepperonis.

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