2011 Goals List

by Wendy Copley on January 9, 2011

I’ve been noodling on my goals list for the past week and I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m not coming up with anything else to add so I’ve decided that I’m done with it! Once again, this year’s list is comprised of things I want to do, rather than things I feel like I should do. My prediction is that if I complete everything on this list my happiness quotient will increase by 27%.

I’ve done a few things differently this time. Based on my detailed scientific analysis of last year’s list, I’ve been much stingier about listing specific craft projects this time. I’ve got a few projects in mind, but rather than putting them down and possibly losing interest in them later, I’ve decided to make a broader goal of completing an average of one craft project per month. I’ve also put a few of the goals I didn’t complete last year back on this year’s list because they’re things I still would like to do.

So, without further ado, here’s this year’s list:

  1. Crochet a granny square afghan
  2. Do 12 craft projects
  3. Draw more pictures
  4. Finish 2009 Project 365 Album
  5. Finish 2010 Project 365 Album
  6. Learn to make amigurumi
  7. Make 40 scrapbook pages
  8. Make a bobble scarf
  9. Bake bread
  10. Have another go at a square foot garden
  11. Make a list of 20 dinners that we all like to help with menu planning
  12. Make pickles
  13. Plan our veggie garden in advance
  14. Do some activities from “The Daring Book for Girls” with Wyatt
  15. Enroll Augie in swimming lessons
  16. Set up a desk for Wyatt.
  17. Spend less time online when the kids are home/awake
  18. Take Augie to story time at the library
  19. Take one or more of my children bowling
  20. Take the kids swimming
  21. Take Wyatt to San Francisco for a special day
  22. Clear out the basement storage room and Freecycle like crazy.
  23. Clear the clutter from my bedroom.
  24. Get rid of half the stuff in the office.
  25. Organize my crafting.
  26. Sort and purge my fabric stash
  27. Add at least four bento videos to Wendolonia
  28. Add some bright colors to our living room
  29. Create an editorial schedule for my blog
  30. Find the basement/mailbox keys!
  31. Frame family photos and hang them
  32. Get a J-O-B.
  33. Get a new couch.
  34. Go on more than one date with Zach.
  35. Go out to a grown up restaurant with another couple.
  36. Hold another diaper drive for Help a Mother Out.
  37. Launch Wendolonia Project Boticelli
  38. Leave more comments on the blogs I enjoy
  39. Lose 10% of my body weight
  40. More snail mail correspondence
  41. Pack emergency “go-bags” for each member of our family
  42. Pack up a bigger emergency kit for the basement
  43. Read 12 books

Are you doing a goals list this year? Do you want some encouragement on your resolutions? Add your links to the comments!

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  • Alie

    A couch must be important as it made the list twice! Good luck. That would be the hardest one for me becasue it costs money and I’m cheap…

  • Trina

    I’ve got a list, yes I do! 🙂

    Do you have any specifics about what kind of bread you’d like to bake? I may have suggestions …

  • Oops! Thanks! I pulled one of them off the list. That was on the list last year too, but we didn’t get one because of money issues. Ours is broken!

  • Easy bread! The part that’s hard for me is the kneading. I can never get it right.

  • Miranda Lea

    I find your list inspirational Miss Wendolonia. Thank you for sharing it with the interweb — Please know that it and you are enjoyed by many comment-less viewers.

    (Written after I also placed, “comment on blogs I appreciate” on my list)

  • I will comment on this blog I appreciate to say that I applaud your list and feel a particular affection for #40. Isn’t it always delightful to get something personal in the mail? I’ve gotten a bit lazy about my own commitment to send handwritten thank you notes instead of emailing and sometimes just a postcard to let someone know I’m thinking of them. But, Wendy, a J-O-B? If you must, then make it a damn good one!

  • AKD

    I’d like to volunteer to help you complete #35. I don’t have any idea whether our husbands would like each other (never having met Zach), but we’ve been wanting to try that new Vietnamese place on the corner of Central & San Pablo (by Cerrito Theater). What do you think?

  • love your list. i’m going to make one too!!

  • Karen

    I started reading your blog in August-ish. I just love it. I thought I’d follow your lead and leave a little love note to thank you for sharing your life and your talents with us. Good luck with your goals. I’ll be following along and cheering for you!!!

  • Anne

    Amazing list Wendy, I hope you’ll complete a lot of your goals 🙂 27% happiness improvement huh.. That’s impressive..

  • Kelly Polizzi

    Sounds like a great list. You have inspired me to do one. Albeit, a bit late!

  • Iowa Expat

    Love your list.
    I’ve got a general focus here: http://hawkeyejlp.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-aspire-to.html and a stash of bookmarked projects on the computer. I’ve made a decent start!

  • Trina

    I’ve got easy for ya! Will email …

  • April

    I would encourage you to check out either “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” or “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day” from your library. Both are by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. It’s delicious bread and there is no kneading involved! Also, I rarely comment but really enjoy your blog!

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